Thursday, September 03, 2009

Remote Rewind: Great Expectations

After a long and winding journey, we finally got to Michaela and Sully's wedding last week. This week, we're going to skip ahead to the birth of their child a year later. After believing that she couldn't get pregnant, Michaela learned that she and Sully were expecting. She struggled with balancing her work as a doctor and her body's need to slow down throughout her pregnancy (even suffering a scare that brought good old Dr. Cassidy into town to make sure she and the baby were OK). Needless to say, after nine grueling months, Michaela was ready to have that baby. But, she wasn't exactly ready to have the baby when and where she did.

After the mean Sgt. O'Connor left Sully for dead in the woods, Cloud Dancing risked his own life to get Michaela. She rode off with him to find Sully. After he led her to the injured Sully, Cloud Dancing was dicovered and captured by the Army. Michaela got Sully's wounds patched up and the two prepared to ride back to town. Unfortunately, the baby had different plans. Michaela got her first contraction out there in the middle of nowhere. It passed and she began to think that it was a false alarm... that was until her water broke. Suddenly, Sully was thrust into the role of doctor without the formal training.

Michaela, through painful contractions and focusing on delivering the baby, walked Sully through the process and all seemed to go as planned -- at first. Then, a complication arose: the umbilical cord blocked the baby from coming out. Under Michaela's guidance, Sully cut the cord and the baby finally came. Michaela and Sully are the proud parents of a baby girl they name Katie Sully. I've seen a lot of TV/movie birth scenes, but this one instilled a fear of childbirth in me that still hasn't dissipated. I was exhausted just watching her deliver that baby! The acting, the emotions, the writing -- everything made this scene real, gritty, and unforgettable. It was so sweet to see Sully overcome his fear after losing his first wife and child in childbirth. Here he was delivering his own child and he was successful. It was a happy ending for all. And an emotional one for all of us who had followed their journey from the beginning.

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