Monday, September 14, 2009

'Psych' On Speed

Whenever you get Shawn, Gus and lots of Lassie, you get a winning episode! I just love the dynamic between Shawn and Lassie and the larger overarching dynamic between Shawn, Gus, Lassie, Jules and the Chief. Funny stuff. Here's a look at the rest of the best in this week's edition of "The Funny, The Funnier and OK, For Real, My Side Just Split."

There are few things better than Shawn proving Lassie wrong, but this week's process to come to that conclusion was one of them. In order to prove Lassie wrong, Shawn had to "recreate" the crime scene at the cop bar. One wouldn't exactly call him an expert in this sort of thing, so he improvised. He knew that he had to set the stage using stand-ins for all of the players involved in the shoot out. There were no people handy, so he used found objects. Gus was the pepper, Shawn the salt, Jules the sugar and Lassie the lemon. Hahahaha! I LOVED it. Of course, he felt compelled to also include the ladies from the local hair salon (who had just whooped their butts at softball) by representing them with scoops of mashed potatoes. Once he had the scene set right, he realized that the shooter was targeting Lassie and this realization led him to call Lassie and in doing so, he not only proved he was right but also saved Lassie's life (he reached for his phone on the floor of his car just as the shooter took another shot at his head).

Later in the episode, it was Lassie who thought he had gotten it all right (wrong!), but his interview with a local TV station on his big collar was another chance for Shawn to get the better of him. Throughout the entire interview, Shawn and Gus tried to get on camera in the background (they were having a contest to see who could get the most face time). They started doing ridiculous stunts and strutting through the back of the shot all while Lassie was trying to boast about his accomplishment. Finally, Lassie had enough and interrupted his moment in the spotlight to tell both of them to cut it out. Of course, this only served to make the camera antics more discreet, but equally as funny. When the pair watched their handy work on the news later, Shawn won. Gus wanted a re-time.

This week's funnier-than-funny moment is not only the funniest of the episode, but one of the most hilarious of the series. After Chief Vick realized that the shooter was targeting anyone who had worked on the case, she noticed that Shawn and Gus's names were on the report. Jules called Gus -- he was safe. But, they weren't sure about Shawn. Gus found him on the elliptical machine at the Psych office. He had found a a blinking/beeping light under the ellipical and a message on his water bottle that told him that if his heart rate dropped below 150, he DIES!! Suddenly, he was propelled into "the elliptical version of Speed." He was growing more and more tired by the minute and the bomb squad hadn't arrived. Juliet rushed in and quickly became confused by Shawn's decision to exercise. Gus showed her the water bottle with the note. She read it and then, "Oh my God! I wrote that." Apparently, her trainer uses the technique to motivate her. But what about the blinking/beeping light under the elliptical? It was the missing cordless phone the boys had been searching for all episode. So unbelievably funny! I love this show.

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John said...

This may be the best episode of the season so far.

The Lassie/Shawn interaction was great.

Shawn was in great “psychic” form.

I agree with your three highlights – although wasn’t the elliptical machine incident more like Lethal Weapon 2? ;-)

A little more Jules would have been good. Maybe they are afraid if there is too much Shawn and Jules time it will push the show too far into their relationship when the Shawn and Gus relationship is central and then Shawn and Henry.

There was one quirky thing about the introductory flashback. Normally they show young Shawn, or young Shawn and Gus, screwing up and Henry catching them. In this one it was Henry who screwed up. His instructions to young Shawn on Shawn’s second practice through to first seemed designed to cause Shawn to have a problem and not to help him.