Saturday, October 31, 2009

Busy Bell

PTR Fave Kristen Bell is a very busy actress these days.  She's currently starring on the big screen in Couples Retreat, she got animated in the newly-released Astro Boy, she has When in Rome and You Again coming out next year and she just signed on to join Christina Aguilera on the big screen in Burlesque.  And if you've been to your local newsstand recently, you've probably seen that she's lighting up the covers of several magazines.  One of them, Women's Health, interviewed Kristen for its November issue while she and her four-legged friends went on a hike outside Los Angeles.  The magazine discovered something that we long-time fans have known for a long time...

Kristen Bell is completely unchanged by her well-deserved fame.  She's a breath of fresh air in a town so stuffy it's hard to breath at times.  And, as she reveals in the interview, she's kind of a homebody.  E! News went along with Kristen to the photo shoot as she shot the stunning pictures for the article:

The issue of Women's Health magazine with Kristen on the cover is on store shelves now.

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