Wednesday, February 03, 2010

'Chuck' Burns His First Asset

So, the asset becomes the handler and the original handler becomes even more guilt-ridden as she watches the continued transformation from under-achiever Buy More employee to world class spy.  Talk about changing things up this season!  Like Sarah, I'm still adjusting to "Chuck The Spy" and also like her, I feel a sense of sadness for the person who's getting lost in the transformation: the good-hearted, honest guy who would never lie to his sister.  It's exciting to see Chuck prove himself, but it's also hard to know that once he completes this transformation, he won't be able to go back.  To put it plainly, I feel Sarah's pain!  I'm mourning the same loss she is while I marvel at Chuck's Intersect 2.0.  This week's story made all of this front and center as Chuck took a HUGE step forward into the world spies.

Up until this episode, Chuck had been the asset.  He had the first Intersect inside of his head and Sarah was charged with friending him and then protecting him.  She had to get him to trust her until she learned where he had hid the Intersect.  Once she discovered that it was inside his head, her job shifted to protecting him and using him to "flash" on pertinent places, objects, and people.  It was a bizarre relationship from the start, but it worked.  Chuck always wanted out, but sacrificed his own freedom to make sure the Intersect 2.0 went into his head instead of an enemy's.  Now, he's the agent.  And this week, it was his turn to befriend an asset and get him to trust him before he burned him.  Chuck wasn't very good with the burn part (and come to think of it, he wasn't too good at the befriending part in the beginning either).  But, he eventually got the hang of things and only "burned" his fellow under achiever when it was painfully obvious that he had no other choice.

Chuck's biggest problem this week might have been his suspicious friend and sister.  Morgan and Ellie realized they both suspect something is up with Chuck.  Morgan was upset that Chuck never mentioned going to Paris for an install (an obvious lie since Morgan would have known about it as assistant manager).  Meanwhile, Ellie was crushed that Chuck didn't tell her about the trip as well because she knows how much Paris means to Chuck.  Throw in Devon's strange behavior, and Ellie has plenty of reasons to be suspicious.  Is Chuck's house of cards about to fall?  How much longer can he keep up this new spy alter-ego before he completely loses himself?  Can we really trust Hannah?  Man, I so (heart) this show!!

Chuck is back Monday nights on NBC.  If you missed this week's episode, you can watch it for free at

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