Monday, February 22, 2010

'Cold Case's' Metamorphosis

I don't want to jinx anything, but I think Cold Case might be on a roll.  I'm not even sure how many episodes officially constitute a "roll," but we're two for two these last couple of weeks and next week's break-from-the-usual looks awesome too!  This show always seems to have a stronger second act, so this sudden surge isn't unusual, but it is certainly welcomed.  I was a little concerned about this week's circus-themed episode because these sorts of stories have the potential for disaster, but instead, this one was engaging, fascinating, dark and kept me guessing all the way up to the reveal.  There was also a darker side story involving Lilly and the fallout from last week's shocking Moe outcome.  And that story line piggybacked onto an even darker sub story involving Scotty and his mother's mugging/rape.  But the biggest OMG moment came when we learned who killed Mia, or rather, the shocking truth that I never saw coming about her killer.

Is it just me or is this show firing on all cylinders all of a sudden?  Every story has me hooked and I'm back to enjoying this show and even, gasp!, looking forward to it each week.  I know, it's nuts!  It's almost like having the old CC back, but with some exciting new upgrades.  One of those upgrades came in the form of the show completely blindsiding us with the killer reveal.  Biggie being involved was no big shocker and even Gargantuan having a hand in it didn't surprise me too much, but learning that it was, in fact, Gargantuan who killed her (with one flick of his wrist, no less) caught me off guard.  But the biggest eye-popping, jaw-dropping reveal was that Gargantuan was not suffering from Cerebral Gigantism and he was much, much sharper than "a bowling ball."  He was a multi-millionaire who owned the circus, made all the "management" decisions, and owned several buildings around the city.  He shrewdly used his larger size and people's assumptions that he was mentally handicapped to conduct shady businesses and to ultimately kill Mia when she wouldn't play along.  Wow!  I'm still shocked!

Meanwhile, Lil was an insta-suspect in the murder of her nemesis Moe Kitchener.  As I said last week, I didn't think she did it, but she wasn't doing herself any favors.  Then, she lied about Scotty dropping off the report (thus, implicating him -- I know, I know, he implicated himself, but now she's a liar and he's a liar and I have a feeling it's going to come back and bite them).  In the end, none of the lying was needed because Kate Butler's father confessed to shooting Moe in the back of the head.  Later in the episode, we learned that Scotty might have had his own motive for having Lil's back during the investigation.  He may need her to have his -- for real -- very soon.  Unlike Lil, whom I didn't think capable of killing her antagonist, I think that Scotty may kill his of he can ever find out who he is and where he's hiding out.  His very dark comments to Lil while they shared a six pack on the rooftop of his building (a rather nice scene between two friends/partners despite the dark undertones) were scary and haunting.  Add in the scene at the end with him in the hoodie and I'm officially worried about Scotty going bad.  And if he does, he's going to take Lil down with him since he has already given her the heads up about possibly needing her to have his back in the near future.  Buckle up because I think it's going to be a bumpy ride.

CC easily moves to 14-0 on the season.  Screen cap courtesy of RichE at Kathryn Morris UK.  And to see more caps from this episode, visit his all-inclusive Kathryn Morris site HERE.


Anonymous said...

Danny Pino also co-wrote this episode as well.

I knew it wasn't Saccardo all along,or any other cop for that matter. Hank Butler was grieving and he couldn't go on anymore, thus shooting Moe.

I am in agreement about Scotty going bad, at the end you really can see his dark side coming out.

Though I know that Scotty is very capable of killing someone, unlike Lilly whom would probably be scared to. I am worried about how he's going to act once he catches that guy.

Anonymous said...

We've seen Scotty's dark side before... when he beat the living crap out of the pedophile in Season 3, his beating of one of the suspects in Season 4's 8:03 etc.
As dark as Lily can get, Scotty is even darker. And like the psychic said... we're not so sure about him.

Anonymous said...

This has been the first we've seen his dark side in One season. He didn't punch anyone out last season.

I always knew that Scotty had this dark side in him, even when we had first saw his character.

Since this is his mother, whom was robbed/Raped; Scotty will do anything to protect her because she is blood ( Family).

I do think that Scotty would have no problem killing this guy. Lilly I knew could shoot Moe.

She had plenty of chances but I think her moral sense prevented her from doing so.

Anonymous said...

The biggie for me would be this... on the small chance (and I'm keeping my fingers crossed) Cold Case does get renewed for another season, it would be tough for Scotty to do his job if he had killed someone in cold blood, rapist or not.
That's the only reason I can see the writers not doing it.

RichE said...

I really don't like the use of "psychics" in TV shows, unless the show is Psych of course ;-) It is just too easy to make a major plot change with no explanation. Suddenly a character knows an important piece of information because they "sensed" it. Of course those same characters conveniently don't "sense" other equally important pieces of information if it makes for a better plot. They even made light of it with Scotty commenting about her telling them who did it. "It doesn't work that way." "It never does."

Some how I did manage to guess right about Hank killing Moe. I do wish they'd given us some hint though, even if very subtly, that another person was looking at Moe. All it would have taken was a reference in the list of complaints he filed against Lilly to one that she didn't do. She'd have been surprised to hear it and would have wanted to protest her innocence on that one but couldn't without incriminating herself on the others. Hank doing it made sense in the overall scheme but it did come out of nowhere. At least with Eddie we'd had some evidence of a motive and willingness to commit such an act.

But other than those minor niggles it was a good episode. Nice twist on the Gargantuan thing.

Kathryn Morris UK

RichE said...

Forgot to add. Looking forward to next week's for obvious reasons ;-)

From the released cast list it looks like it will be a throw-away episode in terms of the larger story arcs (Lilly/Moe, Scotty/Mother/attacker). Which is no bad thing.

Turning up an event and discovering a case is new ground for CC? Puts it almost into Murder She Wrote territory.

If the full squad are there, including Bell, it should make for some fun stuff. I can see Bell and Kat having some relationship discussions, especially at a wedding.

Will Lilly be catching the bouquet?

Kathryn Morris UK

TVFan said...

I didn't even think about the Murder She Wrote premise! Nice catch, RichE! I'm really looking forward to seeing CC tackle something completely different for them.

RichE said...

I didn't mean MSW specifically, just that type of show. The sort where a Jessica Fletcher-type (aka The Angel Of Death!) turns up and people start dropping like flies.

We've nearly lost Kathryn twice to Jessica Fletcher already! (MSW series and one of the later TV movies, see KM UK for details)

Kathryn Morris UK

Anonymous said...

I've been reading that Cold Case is very close to being cancelled, thanks to CBS putting it on at 10pm!!

I hope it doesn't happen, but getting back to this episode, i don't think this whole Lilly/Moe thing has been cleared up as of yet.

I'm sure that the state police are still going to look into Lilly a bit more..