Wednesday, February 10, 2010

'Chuck' Wins One, Loses Another

I know that most Chuck fans' heads are exploding over this week's romantic hook-ups, but this fan's head is not one of them.  Maybe I've just seen too many of these "will they, won't they" scenarios play out, but Chuck's new romance with Hannah and Sarah's possible romance with Shaw seem like diversions meant to delay the inevitable (and to add a little suspense to that ultimate question: "Will they or won't they?").  In other words, I'm not worried.  And while I don't like or trust Shaw (more on that later), I do really like Hannah and I am interested in her relationship with Chuck.  Shaw is too much of a smooth operator and I don't trust his feelings for Sarah.  And that was before the final few seconds of the episode!  Suddenly, my dislike/distrust went from that little voice in the back of my head to full-blown screaming.  Shaw may be even shadier than I suspected.

Remember when Shaw and Sarah went undercover at the unveiling of the mask and Shaw claimed that the mission needed to be aborted because the Ring operative in attendance would make him because Shaw is responsible for the burns on his face?  Well, it turns out that that may not be the full story.  In the closing moments, aforementioned Ring operative met with Ring leaders and disclosed that he saw Shaw.  The leaders seemed very surprised by this revelation.  It may be that Shaw is a double agent and he didn't want the Ring operative to see him there because he's suppose to be with the Ring.  Or maybe he's a former Ring agent and he's trying to hide from them.  Or perhaps he really did burn the guy's face and now he's the Ring's enemy #1.  It's hard to say right now, but I think he is some level of dirty.  It's just the level I'm not sure about... yet.

Speaking of suspicions, I'm a teensy-weensy bit suspicious of Hannah.  I feel bad because I really like her, but you never know who is and who is not a spy on this show.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she is exactly who she says she is, but I won't be surprised if she turns out to be more involved in these spy games than just an innocent civilian.  Although, she seemed genuinely caught off guard at the museum (both times) and she wasn't able to get herself out of that room.  The Ring didn't seem to recognize her, so that works against her being a bad spy.  Like I said, I'm hoping she's not involved.  Of course, things between her and Chuck can't end well either way.  She'll never understand and he'll never be able to explain it.  Doomed, I'm afraid.

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Scooter McGavin said...

The reason The Ring was surpised that the dude saw Shaw was because they thought he was dead (remember Angie Harmon recuited Captain Awesome to "kill" Shaw).

TVFan said...

Nice catch, Scooter. Thanks for the clarification.