Saturday, February 13, 2010

Romeo and Jilted Juliet

Who knew that Jules's love life was like a real-life romantic comedy?  Who knew that it combined elements of An Affair to Remember with Witness and just a dash of the classic love triangle?  She and her college boyfriend broke up in order to pursue their own dreams, but they vowed to meet up at the same train station at the same time on the same date 7 years later.  Long story short, Jules showed and Scott did not.  After feeling a bit jilted, she enrolled Gus's help to track down her former flame and was upset to learn that he has passed away -- or not.  After the jump, here's a look at the rest of the best in this week's edition of "The Funny, The Funnier and OK, For Real, My Side Just Split."

Jules confiding in Lassie.  Because, really, who else can you get advice from when you're (fingers crossed) hopefully reuniting with your college sweetheart after 7 long years?  Lassie was both pep coach and shoulder to cry on (albeit, a rather hard one) after things didn't go as planned.  It was Lassie whom Jules called from the train station and sought advice from as to whether she should continue waiting for Scott or call it a day.  In the end Jules may have been stood up, but she made Lassie feel good -- needed, even -- and that was worth the price of admission for this funny little part of the story.

Gus and Shawn's race to discover the truth (with a little help from Henry).  Jules should have known better than to ask Gus to look into her former love's whereabouts on the D.L.  The chances of Shawn not finding out were zilch.  So when he inevitably discovered what Gus was secretly working on at the office, he wanted in.  He wasn't allowed, so he launched his own investigation.  Of course, Shawn being Shawn, he beat Gus to the punch.  But since this is Shawn we're talking about, he also cheated by enlisting the help of his father.  It didn't really matter who broke the news because, unfortunately for Jules, Scott appeared to be dead.  That was until Shawn and Gus accidently showed up on his doorstep and proceeded to scream like little school girls.  In the process, they also managed to out a crucial witness in the program (SIDEBAR: Is it just me, or was this episode screaming for a crossover with fellow USA Network series In Plain Sight?  I'm jus' sayin').  

Shawn's prison interview with  J.K. Rowling  J.T. Waring, the  Harry Potter author  mobster whose conviction was the reason behind Scott's participation in witness protection.  The entire interview was funny with Shawn getting caught up in the mobster's "charm" and Gus teetering on the edge of running out of there screaming like a little school girl (again), but the side-splitting funniest moment of the entire episode came down to two little words: Burton Guster.  For years now, we have seen Shawn introduce Gus with every ridiculous name in the book, but the one time, THE ONE TIME, when he needed to use a fake one, he used his real name!!  Here they were sitting face-to-face across a plexiglass barrier from a dangerous mobster and Shawn gives him REAL NAMES!  HILARIOUS!!

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John said...

I liked this week’s anti-Mentalist jibe, which are now a regular part of the show.

Lassie’s comments on romance were very Lassiesque.

Have we every seen Shawn ever fight for real before?

I must be psychic, because I figured out early on Scott was in WitSec.

And a very inept WitSec at that. Mary would never let one of her protectees sell readily identifiable item he had collected before entering protection.

One thing I got wrong, was I thought that maybe Scott was the killer.

TVFan said...

If only they had done the cross-over! Mary would so have had Scott's back!

John said...

But could you imagine Mary's reaction to Shawn and his antics? :-)

TVFan said...

Now, that's HILARIOUS! Excellent point