Thursday, February 04, 2010

The River Mild

I'm pretty sure there was too much awesome packed into this week's episode to be contained by a single hour! It was so jam-packed with so much goodness, I'm not quite sure where to start. Perhaps, at the hilarious introduction scene between Shawn and Gus's secret girlfriend Ruby. Or maybe, I should back up to the super cute/super funny scene with the bunnies. Too many to choose from this week. I have to say, though, Ruby had me at Magnum P.I. as well! In fact, I wasn't sure if she should be dating Gus or Shawn after that initial intro. But as awesome as things were at the beginning of this one, the show was only warming up. Shawn and Gus were about to embark on one of their most hilarious and dangerous (wink, wink) adventures thus far. And that was before they got to the murder part!

Shawn decided to crash Ruby's afternoon with her friends so he could "see her in her element," and therefore, vet her properly. Except, he thought he was crashing a picnic. Not so much. Turns out, Shawn and Gus were about to go white water rafting. But never fear because Shawn is a pro -- he has ridden "It's a Small World" several times and apparently, the experiences are comparable (haha!). He even promised Gus that he'd barely get wet. So, they were off and everything was going surprisingly well. The boys were at ease getting to know Ruby's friends and Ruby better. They were "livin' on the edge" without freaking out. It was a good trip. Until suddenly, Shawn started to hear something up ahead -- something loud and scary. He thought it was a plane cleared for take off.  Then, he saw it: a rolling rapid of rushing water, crushing rocks and heavy-duty paddling.  Both he and Gus started to freak out while the rest of the gang cheered.  Call me crazy, but I'm thinking those two won't be going base jumping anytime soon!

The rest of the outing centered around a missing member of Ruby's group.  He was there before they took on that fierce rapid, but he wasn't there once they crossed back into the calmer waters.  Shawn was convinced that he had staged his own disappearance and that Ruby had something to do with it.  Turns out, he was right on both fronts.  But what he didn't realize was that the missing person case was about to turn into a murder case and the latter part had nothing to do with Ruby.  Once the boys solved the crime, Gus got a chance to be a hero in front of his girl.  He jumped on the paraglider with the murderer as he tried to flee.  Gus proceeded to knock the guy out (by squeezing him for dear life too hard, but whatever, I'm going to let him have that one) and then land the paraglider safely.  All in a day's work.  Now if he could only get Shawn to stay out of his relationships...

PROGRAM NOTE:  PTR will return to its regularly scheduled Psych write-ups next week.  There was just too much funny this week to divide it into the usual 3 categories!

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John said...

This was a good episode.

In addition to all your points, I liked the Shawn- Gus interaction. Shawn was just self-centered enough to be Shawn, but still showed genuine interest in Gus's being happy.

I had to check out IMDb to find out where I recognized Ruby from- it was from "Life".

My one complaint about this half-season so far is no present day Henry.

John said...

I forgot about the scene at Henry's house with Shawn, Gus and Ruby. Even though it was important (Henry dispenses advice to Shawn) it didn't stick with me.