Monday, September 17, 2007

'The 4400' Ups the Body Count

I have mixed feelings about last night's finale of The 4400. Some things were wrapped up too easily (Tom going back to being, well, Tom), others too out of control (Danny's promicin-infecting power), and then there was the seemingly high body count (Danny, his mom, and Isabelle just to name a few). And then there was the most obvious misstep -- little to no Maia! I was shocked, shocked I tell you to see her in two scenes (one of which was simply an appearance at Danny's funeral). What happened to her screen time this season? It felt like she was never around. Her final scene with Diana was a good one, but not enough to correct her absence during the rest of the hour. She's quick to jump on the Jordan Collier bandwagon, isn't she? She believes he's a good guy and assures her mom that the "P-positives" are in charge now, and that's a good thing. Well, anything is better than The Marked. Speaking of them, their future wasn't looking so bright after Isabelle sacrificed herself in order to save Jordan, Tom, and the fate of the world. Turns out, she was human after all and not just a weapon created by Bad Future.

I hate to sound as if I didn't like this one because in reality, I found it quite enjoyable. Yes, there were missteps, but the episode as a whole was strong and it managed to raise some interesting prospects for next season (fingers crossed that we get another season). What will happen now that Seattle has been turned into Promise City and Jordan Collier is running it? Is Maia right? Can the "P-positives" be the right change at the right time? And what about Tom? Will he finally take the shot? I'm dying to know what ability he'll get. Then there's NTAC and all of the new abilities the agents are forming there -- Marcos, Meghan, etc. We found out last night that Diana is resistant to promicin thanks to Dr. Burkoff's early experiments, so it doesn't look like she's developing anything. There are so many roads to explore here, and I can only hope that we get the opportunity to do so next season. Overall, a mixed ending to an otherwise excellent season.

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suekola44 said...

I too noticed Maia was hardly in it last night.The entire season went without using her ability much. The finale sure left us with alot to ponder , but I'm glad Tom is back.