Monday, September 10, 2007

Bang Bang Tom's Dead?

Do you find yourself watching The 4400 and thinking, "Self, is it just me, or do these writers constantly write themselves into a wall? Not just any wall, but the tallest titanium wall ever, like say, critically shooting one of the main characters or injecting Good Future's poster boy with 'tiny machines' that will cause him to act in Bad Future's best interest??" I know I'm not the only one who carries on lengthy conversations in my head about how they're going to get themselves outta this one and then has to rewind my DVR to catch the next shocker that I just missed while pondering the creative genius that is The 4400 writing staff. I swear, it takes me twice as long to watch this show than any other. Titanium walls be damned because somehow, some way, the writers come up with an incendiary device that blows them up and the story goes on. I can only assume the same will be true with tonight's shocking ending because there's no way they killed Tom Baldwin (and Not-Tom in the process -- although, hopefully that part is true). But how are they going to write themselves outta this one?? How?? And how is Jordan going to get the "tiny machines" out of him so he can continue to lead the movement?? It's not like I'm usually rooting for him, but he's a lot better than Not-Tom and The Marked. Plus, we can't have Jordan Marked and using his power against his own people! And for what purpose is all this Marked upheaval, you ask? So Bad Future can ensure that the oceans and rivers dry up and the world slowly dies off. EXCEPT for those who adapt and live behind security walls like the people who sent The Marked to make sure it happens by fighting the 4400 (who were sent back to prevent it). And who wouldn't want to sign up for that side? Doom and gloom all the way!

Not-Tom, along with being a murderer (did he have to kill Curtis Peck???!!!), is really mean. He threw words like daggers at Diana about her personal life. He even brought up Ben and her inability to make things work with a hand-delivered fiance. Ahem, at last check, Ben and Diana were still together. He's in Europe doing his photography thing and she's in Seattle doing her NTAC/save the world thing. This could still work, Not-Tom! Please, just because you're angry at Diana for discovering your identity doesn't mean you have to take it out on those of us rooting for her to make it work with Ben. Anywho, things have been taking an increasingly shocking turn these last few weeks, and I can only imagine what next week's finale will bring. Hopefully, it involves the return of real Tom and a Ben/Diana reunion (hey, a girl can dream, right?).

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suekola44 said...

Next week's previews made it look like Shawn is going to heal Tom or is it not-Tom he is healing?? Anyway,I have developed the biggest crush on Kyle this season! I'm so glad they brought him back. And I really can't believe what they have turned Tom into!He is pure evil. Down with those micro machines!!