Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Claire Pretends She's Not one of the 'Heroes'

So, four months later and the heroes are trying to get their normal lives back and pretend that they're not walking around with a special power. Easier said than done for some of them. Take Claire -- new school, new friends, new identity, and yet, she's having a difficult time putting her old self behind her. So much so, she called her birth father Nathan for advice. Bad move since Nathan is busy trying to drink away what happened and the loss of his brother. So, Claire continues to feel isolated at her new school and in her new existence, BUT that could all change very soon. It seems that her only new friend, a boy who asks her whether she's a "robot" or an "alien," is hiding his own unique ability. Like Nathan, he can fly and he's onto Claire's "alien" tendencies as well (blame her need to attempt the double tuck off the landing or her conversation with Nathan). Me thinks Claire won't feel lonely for long.

Meanwhile, Hiro is busy changing the course of history with his time-traveling. He thought he was saving his hero from a few arrows through the armor, but he inadvertently prevented the warrior from saving a village of people, marrying the sword maker's daughter, and who knows what else. Now, he's on a mission to correct the wrongs he caused. LOVED, by the way, that his hero was an Englishman (Alias' Sark) and Hiro was completely caught off guard. Great scene! What Hiro doesn't know, back in the present, someone is killing off members of the organization that created these heroes and their latest victim is his father. It looks like Nathan and Peter's mom is next. And speaking of Peter, it seems he didn't die after all. He showed up in a cargo crate on a dock in Ireland naked and completely unaware of who he is or what he was a part of (reminiscent of the rebirth of The 4400's Jordan Collier). And then there was the latest hero -- Maya and her brother Alejandro. The two are trying to get to the US from South America, but Maya seems to have a little problem with keeping the people around her alive. I'm curious to see how she fits in to the plan and to find out the truth about her power. I think we better buckle in again because this looks like another unpredictable season!

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suekola44 said...

I wish they had included all the characters from last season in this episode. Also, I'm just not feeling Hiro's storyline this time around. I'm hoping it will get more interesting for me. It was a pretty good season premier though.