Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Counting the ‘Damages’

By LillyKat
PTR Staff Writer

So much damage, so little time.

Where do I even begin with this week’s episode of Damages?


Six weeks is now our magic number.

As in, we’ve got about six weeks separating “past” from “present.”

Things are looking increasingly twisted, cryptic and downright “What the …?” as present day flashforward finds Ellen rotting away at New York’s City’s Rikers Island jail, pushing Tom to find Patty at what now seems to be another potential crime scene: Patty’s beach house.

And what do we find there?

Patty flipping out.


Convulsions, crying, complete nervous breakdown material.

Who knew Patty could even … well, breakdown, eh?

But before we find her at the beach house (and before the murdering rampage that transpires on that fateful night when Ellen is left to stay in the now infamous Hewes apartment as Patty departs for beach bumming), we have this whole cryptic conversation between Ellen and Patty as it is revealed fiancé doc David has broken off the engagement to Ellen.
Patty: “He broke off the engagement?”
Ellen: “Do you regret what we did?”
What in the world is that about?

Are we talking about crazy granddaughter Lila? (Who is still alive and well … making a set of keys to Ellen and David’s apartment just for herself … cornering him in front of the hospital asking for dinner … going to Ellen’s office to say she slept with him … gee, stalk much?)

An amazing twist and turn I did not see coming. I second Peter Facinelli’s (Gregory Malina) comments about never knowing what is coming next with this show.

People who think the show is being drawn out too long are Missing. The. Whole. Genius. Point.

An elevator ride of suspense, remember?

Meanwhile, in our past day flashback, Gregory Malina has returned from his exile to Mexico (where, you know, he was trying not to get himself killed and all). And, he heads straight for Katie to try and make amends. Poor guy. He really does love her, doesn’t he? Am not sure the feeling is mutual considering she blames him for ruining her life. Nonetheless, he’s decided to video tape himself disclosing the one big-ol’-super-duper-case-breaking bit of info: he was sent to Florida to set up a condo in his name so that Arthur Frobisher could have a secret meeting with a member of the Security and Exchange Commission, George Moore.

And he was paid 1000 shares of Frobie stock to do so.

By Frobie lawyer Fiske, who (I was right) had a thing for Gregory.

Boy toy, anyone?

Funny, then, Fiske orders the hit on Greg. (You shouldn’t have called Fiske, Greg. Ever heard of a phone trace?)

But before we watch Gregory be splattered all over the pavement by a hit-and-run in front of Katie’s house, SEC executive Moore decides to play both ends to the middle. He goes directly to Ellen to reveal that Frobie left a girl to die in a car accident in 1983, and he has conveniently been paying off the family ever since.

Hmmm, sounds familiar.

Apparently, this handy bit of incriminating evidence was left out of the government trial. But wait, it seems Moore is in cahoots with Fiske, too. Are we trying to screw Frobie from the inside? Or outside? Or both?

In any event, he seems to have a serious bone to pick with Frobie. But then again, next week, that could all change. Ellen remains suspicious. I think she’s becoming more Patty-like by the minute:

"Patty Hewes doesn’t like surprises or hidden agendas. I better not find out you have one."

But perhaps the most compelling sequence of this week’s episode was one in which Frobie goes to confront Patty at the gala she was attending – cutting in to dance with her as he tries to negotiate a settlement figure now that he knows she knows about the car accident.

She’s isn’t buying.

“It’s rude to abandon a girl on the dance floor … almost as bad as abandoning a girl in a burning car.”
Line of the series, perhaps?

Too bad this was a Frobie dream sequence (as he slugs through preparing for his deposition, and banging his depo-prep lawyer in the process).

Like we said, so much damage, so little time.

New episodes air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. You can also have fun visiting the Hewes and Associates Official Web Site.

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suekola44 said...

I have so many more questions after this fab episode! Seeing Patti come unglued was a real shocker! Who knew? And poor Greg. He should have stayed in Mexico! Oh next Tuesday can't come soon enough!