Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dead to Rights on ‘Damages’

By LillyKat
PTR Staff Writer

Call it a Saving Grace hangover.

I thought for a wee bit of half a second that Damages had been hijacked by a Grace-esque opening montage this week. But then again, this opening sequence had people messing around fully clothed before actually getting into the serious hanky panky, so alas, I knew all was still right with this show.

Especially when David imagines having a go with Ellen only to have it turn out to be Patty.


Welcome to the increasingly accelerated pace of Damages.

We are approaching the final top floors of our intense elevator ride of suspense to determine: a) who tried to kill Ellen; b) who actually killed David; c) who was supposedly left for dead in Patty's apartment; d) where is Patty in all of this; and, e) is Arthur Frobisher finally going to be done in.

Past and present are now only a month a part.

As for the past, we remember the cryptic insider for the Securities and Exchange Commission, George Moore? And we remember he just so happened to give a pretty juicy tidbit of info on Frobie last week (the whole leaving-a-girl-for-dead-after-a-car-accident-whilst-paying-the-family-for-years-to-keep-quiet thing)? Well, looks as though that was all a set-up seeing as how it gets inconveniently leaked to the press.


And it seems Moore is in some serious cahoots with Frobie given he was also in Florida the same weekend Frobie dumped his stock.

Double ouch.

Ellen is determined to confront Moore, but Patty says to drop it.

And guess what?

Ellen does it anyway.
Moore: “You people had the opportunity to take down Arthur Frobisher and you blew it.”
Ellen: “The case isn’t over, yet .... If there is a connection between you and Arthur Frobisher, we will find it.”
As such, Ellen's secret meeting with Moore doesn’t sit too well with ol’ Patty.
Patty: “Who told you to think? You are in this office to await instruction … You have jeopardized the only serious lead we still have.”
Ellen: “I’m so sick of your bull****.”
Patty: “Get out. And don’t bother coming back.”

Score Ellen! Turns out getting fired never felt so good.

Ellen: “I just got fired … and I’m fine … let’s go out! Get drunk! We still have some friends?”
Meanwhile, Frobie is slowly being dissected by Patty at his deposition.

And I do mean dissected.

And oh what a joyous thing to watch. It’s like when Lilly Rush or Brenda Leigh Johnson set-up for the final strike on their prime suspect.

Slow. Methodical. Surgical.

Each meticulous detail of the case is laid out so as to get the suspect to feel just a little less cocky, a little less certain, a little less innocent.

And then you know they’ve got ‘em Dead. To. Rights.

Patty got Frobie this week.

His wife served him with divorce papers on the final day of the deposition (can I just ask what the heck took her so long?). Anyways, that is perfectly convenient for Patty seeing as she had the divorce attorney in her back pocket. Have we come to expect anything less?

Of course not.

Dissolution of marriage is equal to or greater than the dissolution of company.

Failure of Frobie on both fronts.

Danger! Danger! Red Alert!

Frobie is about to explode. And does. His taking a 3-iron golf club to the windshield of his wife's car not withstanding. Now, he wants to settle. He just can’t take it anymore. Aww, poor Frobie.


In the present, Ellen is still at Rikers trying to convince Tom someone has covered up her attempted murder (and a whole bunch of other things).
Tom: "Without any evidence, what am I supposed to do? "
Ellen: "Get me bail. I’ll do the rest myself."

But alas, Tom does venture back to Patty’s apartment to find small specks of blood on a decorative piece of coral.


I think the maid missed a spot.

But if that isn’t the kicker, as Patty continues to bail out of town, what else do we get to see?

A drop of blood on her shoe.
Ellen: “She doesn’t wanna come back … I know things, Tom. Things that could destroy her.”
Tom: “You think Patty tried to kill you to protect herself?”
Dead. To. Rights.

And it turns somewhat deadlier next week. Can we wait that long?

New episodes air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. You can also have fun visiting the Hewes and Associates Official Web Site.


suekola44 said...

Wow! Oh what a tangled web we weave!! Tuesday can't come fast enough! I always enjoy your write up.

LillyKat said...

It really is getting so good, isn't it? Only a couple more eps until the finale! :)