Tuesday, October 23, 2007

'Heroes' Tolls its Bell

The most highly anticipated moment of the new season (according to PTR, of course) finally happened this week: Kristen Bell is officially a hero! Only, she's not exactly what I would call a hero. Sure, she has an awesome power (she's electrifying!), but she's not exactly using it for good. As she put it on the phone to her "daddy," "Ok, I killed him. So what?" Looks like someone missed the whole "right from wrong" lesson as a child. Bad girl or not, I like Kristen in this role. She's wicked in a fun way (blame her unmistakable charm) and I think she's really going to stir the pot a bit. Contrast her to Matt's horrible father. Clearly, he's not using his power for good either, but he's also not making any exceptions for family. Seems daddy dearest can read minds too, but he's honed his power enough to actually control others' dreams or rather, nightmares. Molly's "Nightmare Man" has lived up to his name. It also looks like he may be the murderer Matt and Nathan are after.

How cute was the Micah/Monica story line?! It seems that her power to master whatever she sees isn't limited to television. She played the piano like a pro after watching Micah do it and then jumped rope like a champ after watching some neighborhood girls. Monica may be hesitant to accept her new ability, but Micah's calming nature and history with various powers are helping her adjust. Of course, that dynamic may be interrupted with Mohinder knocking on her door.

Elsewhere, Peter's about to go on the run with or without Caitlin, Nicki resurfaced at The Company, Hiro's trying to NOT re-write history, and a murderer is still on the loose. Things keep heating up on Heroes!

Photos courtesy nbc.com.


suekola44 said...

Clever title TV Fan! I'm dying to know who Kristen Bell's character's dad is! Any thoughts? No Sylar this week. It was almost a relief to not see that evil SOB!

TVFan said...

Thanks for the title compliment. :-)

My guess for her father is the guy that Mohinder is working with from The Company. But, I have no idea.

suekola44 said...

That was my guess too!