Saturday, October 06, 2007

'Friday Night' Off to Exciting Start

Next to Cold Case, this was my most anticipated premiere of the new season and like CC, it did not disappoint. Although, I will admit that I'm not completely onboard with the dark twist this episode took involving Tyra and Landry. It's not that I blame Landry for knocking the crap outta that perv who assaulted Tyra last season nor do I feel like the guy's death is anything more than an accident (Landry was trying to stop the guy, not kill him), but I do have some reservations about their decision to dump the body and cover up the incident. The smarter plan would have been to call the police and claim self defense, BUT these are kids and kids don't always make the best decisions. I have a feeling that Tyra was only thinking about the potential trouble she and Landry could get in and how that would affect their futures. So, over the bridge and into the water the body (supposedly) went. Oh boy. I'm curious to see how this one plays out, even if I'm not totally in love with the story line (would the FNL writers ever lead us astray??).

Elsewhere, Julie decided that she and Matt were becoming her parents and that scared the crap outta her. Her remedy? A guitar-playing Swede who wound up having a girlfriend and left Julie feeling crushed and embarrassed. The entire incident would have been a total wash if it hadn't been for her father. Speaking of the wonderful Coach Taylor, I'm just not a fan of this job in Austin. Tami and Julie aren't the only ones missing him! I spent the entire episode wishing that the Panthers would fire the "Tennessee Tyrant" (Wow, that is NOT a misnomer!!) and re-hire Eric. I'm not going to rest until he's back in the blue Panther coach's shirt standing on the sidelines making calls while the Panther faithful cheer them on. LOVED that he and Tami had another girl. As usual, the relationship between these two was the highlight of the hour. That scene where Eric told Tami that he had to go back "this Friday" was absolutely heartbreaking. How off-the-charts-beyond-freakin'-brilliant was Connie Britton in that scene?? This reaffirmed my decision to boycott The Awards that Shall Not Be Mentioned. And don't even get me started on Kyle Chandler!

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