Tuesday, October 16, 2007

'Heroes' Soars to New Heights

Now this is the Heroes that I know and love! Finally, an episode that just blows me away completely from start to finish. And next week, KRISTEN BELL IS COMING!! I am so psyched for her arrival. But first, we have to discuss the awesome-ness that is this week's outing. As usual, Claire's story was my fave, but the others gave this one a run for its money. I'm such a sap, but I love all of her scenes with West and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we really can trust him. If anything happens to our little Claire Bear, well Daddy Dearest isn't going to take it sitting down. I'm not even sure that he's buying the cheerleading lie. Of course, it isn't like he's not harboring his own secret life: the paintings, the Haitian, Mohinder and on and on. He didn't leave his past life behind -- why should Claire?

And then there's everyone's favorite villain Sylar who somehow turned up in Mexico. Problem number one - he's a homicidal maniac; problem number two - he knows about Maya and Alejandro's powers. Of all of the hero powers, I'm pretty sure that this one is the worst for him to "steal." It's sorta a toss up between this one and all the others, though. I can only imagine what he has planned for our favorite fugitives.

Micah is "re-wiring" cable systems in New Orleans so his cousin can watch the latest wrestling match on PPV while his other cousin is deciphering her ability to absorb whatever she sees on television. BTW, how awesome would that ability be??!! By my count, I'd be able to interrogate intimidating suspects ala Lilly Rush, make clever, witty comments ala Veronica Mars, hide my repressed sexual tension for my FBI partner ala Bones, coach a high school football team to a state championship ala Coach Eric Taylor, and burst out in song about "Guy Love" and "Everything Comes Down to Poo" ala JD and Turk. How awesome would my life be??!!

Finally, Matt and Nathan are working together to solve the recent murders of the founding fathers/mothers of the hero powers. Turns out, Matt's dad is one of them. This means he could be in danger, but in his case, it's more likely that he's the one creating the danger. According to Molly, Matt's dad is the "nightmare man" - the one that she feared last season because he can see her when she's honing in on his location. Matt couldn't let it go, Molly used her power to locate his father, and now she's in grave danger. Nice one, Matt!

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suekola44 said...

I missed seeing Peter's story this week. There are just so many heroes now that they just can't fit them all in one episode. I am loving this season! Bring on Kristin Bell! The previews look awesome!!