Monday, October 22, 2007

Lilly Con-jures Up an Awesome 'Case'

Excuse me a moment while I scrape my jaw off the floor!! All right, so maybe the fact that Margot and Spencer were grifters working together wasn't the biggest surprise (thanks to numerous episode descriptions), BUT there was no way I was seeing the mother/son twist coming!!! When Margie's errr, Margot's childhood neighbor said that she and Spencer weren't lovers, I was sure he was going to say that they were siblings. I even said it aloud to sound all smart. Then, my brain processed the real connection and my jaw hit the floor where it remains. This was one of the best outings that Cold Case has ever had in the twists and turns department. Later, we learn from a witness that Spencer shot the Margot look-alike (yet, we knew she survived) and then we hear a gun shot coming from Margot's room. At that point, I had given up on the being all smart thing and just gave in to the "What the flips??" that were occupying my thoughts. Amazingly, it all worked out in the end and it all made perfect sense. This case was a work of brilliance and it had me hanging on every moment. The actress who played Margot was soooo 80s! If I didn't know any better, I would swear she was straight off of Dallas or Dynasty, so major props to the hair, make-up and wardrobe folks at CC. And how fabulously 80s was this entire episode??!! Oh my god -- I LOVED it. That pool boy flashback with the martinis around the pool was so awesome. I was crossing my fingers that Margot ended up in the pool Dynasty-style, but sadly, she remained high and dry.

Well, it was only a matter of time. Lilly is beginning to have nightmares. This is what she gets for wasting her therapy sessions with huffs, sighs, and eye rolls. On the plus side, it's making for some pretty great television! Fingers crossed that they show us more of Lil's counseling sessions now that the nightmares have begun. Hopefully, she's rethinking her silence-is-the-best-policy idea.

I don't know why, but I frickin' loved that cemetery stake-out. Vera and Kat -- a.k.a. TV's funniest non-couple -- in the car, Scotty digging graves and Jeffries claiming he had court in order to get out of it had me rolling. I was a little perturbed that Lil wasn't present for all of the fun, but then she appeared. See, Spencer sent a decoy to "Margot's" grave and Scotty, Kat and Vera ran after him. This allowed the real Spencer to come out and pay his respects. EXCEPT, Lil had her own decoy trick up her sleeve. She pretended to be a grieving widow.

Spencer: You like older men, detective? 'Cause your husband died in 1942!

Touche! Never con a con man, Lil. Classic scene. So much other goodness in this one: Spencer calling Lil's cell (reminiscent of season one's James Hogan) and telling her that her boss should have sent her to tail him, Stillman and Lilly teasing Scotty about his banter with ADA Thomas ("Only thing you didn't do was pull her pigtails"), Vera teaching Stillman his uncle's conman tricks, and Lilly solving the name mystery and finding Spencer/Linus by realizing it came down to Sabrina. Loved, loved, loved this episode. Even the Scotty/ADA scene was pretty hot, of course, that could be because he's pretty hot. Either way, Cold Case easily moves to 5-0 on the season.


LillyKat said...

Great episode! I totally thought of the Lil'/James call, too (and George)! I loved this throwback, and the sexier aspect to this episode. It didn't fit the regular CC predictable bill. Well done all the way around, and great write-up as always! :) said...

How did this episode end? Due to sports programs we missed the end of this Cold Case episode. Please tell me how it ended. Thanks!

TVFan said...

It ended with the CC team discovering that Spencer and his girlfriend planned to fake the girlfriend's death and then kill Margot for the insurance money. They went through with the fake death, but Spencer couldn't kill his mother. The girlfriend grabbed the gun and shot Margot, putting her in a coma for 18 years. Spencer was supposed to take off with the girlfriend, but he couldn't leave his mom alone in the hospital, so he stayed and the girlfriend skipped town.

The closing moments showed both the girlfriend and Spencer getting arrested, Vera showing Stillman more of his con tricks, Scotty visiting ADA Thomas and shutting the door, and Lilly filing away the case box and then "seeing" Margot's ghost.

Hope that helps. :-)