Monday, February 11, 2008

'Friday Night' Shock

Wow! Didn't see that one coming! Jason Street is going to be a father??!! Much like the characters involved, I have mixed feelings about this story line. On the one hand, I hate it. Jason's 19 years old, working a job he doesn't like, and struggling to come to terms with his shattered future. He can't even motivate himself to continue with his plans for higher education let alone take on the rigors of parenthood. On the other, the writers sorta "worked it out in the end" (TM Randy Jackson). Of course, the whole "this could be my only chance at being a father" twist may have had a heavy hand in working it out for me. According to any medical textbook, Jason is supposed to be sterile, but against all odds, he wound up getting a girl pregnant after a one-night stand. I'm not sure how this story will pan out, so for now, I'm sticking with my mixed feelings stance on it. And since this was the last pre-strike completed episode and ratings have been less than stellar (and the telling news that the season 2 - current season - DVD set will hit store shelves in April with the 15 episodes, meaning no new episodes should the strike end), we may never know.

It's no secret that Lyla still has feelings for Riggins, right? Well, except to Logan Chris. I've got to hand it to my girl Lyla, though; because she really is trying to convince herself that she is 100% over Riggins. She spent the weekend with Chris's family in their mountain cabin, she tried to make a move on her good Christian boyfriend, and continually blew off Tim when he tried to make small talk. Oh Lyla, Lyla, Lyla. You're not fooling anyone, probably not even yourself. This is not going to end well for Chris.

Meanwhile, things seem to be looking up for Smash. Sure, playing football at a small off-the- grid college is not what he envisioned for his future, but at least he's back in a position to play the game he loves and possibly go to the NFL someday. Can I just gush about this awesome story line for a moment? Being an SEC girl myself, I LOVE the authenticity of it and of course, all of the SEC references. There is only one inaccuracy that I spot -- Georgia's Coach Richt would give this kid another shot. Smash was barking up the wrong SEC school's tree when he approached the scout at Alabama. He should be a Bulldog with the rest of the best. LOVED the scene in his room with his mom. Smash has the best mom ever!! She'll make sure he lands on his feet. And Coach Taylor will make sure he lands on a collegiate football field. I guess it takes a village to raise a football player.

How funny was that Eric/Tami/high school boyfriend triangle story line??!! I'm not sure what cracked me up more -- seeing the jealous side of Eric or watching Kyle Chandler beat up real-life boss (and FNL showrunner) Peter Berg, who played the role so brilliantly.

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