Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Save 'The 4400'

If we've learned anything from those devoted Jericho fans, it's never give up on saving your favorite shows. The latest canceled show getting a huge boost from its devoted fan base is PTR fave The 4400. USA Network decided late last year not to renew the series for a fifth season, essentially leaving fans in the lurch without any sort of conclusion to the serial drama's ongoing storylines. Well, the fans want to change that with a new push to encourage USA to reconsider their decision to cancel the show. If you want to bring The 4400 back, join in on the Sunflower Seeds Campaign. It even made The New York Times! Series star Jacqueline McKenzie (who informed PTR about the campaign through MySpace) is a strong supporter. She wrote to her MySpace friends, "It's really easy to do... so please head over there and send a bag of 'Dr Burkhoff's' favourite snack! That way we can all get back to 'Promise City' and get everyone back to good work!!!" Click on over to the campaign site to buy your bag of sunflower seeds to send to the heads at USA Network and help save The 4400!

Visit SaveThe4400.net for more on the efforts to resurrect the series.

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suekola44 said...

I knew nothing about this campaign. Thanks for the heads up although I think it will probably be a fruitless effort.