Tuesday, December 16, 2008

'Chronicles' Closes Out 2008

'Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles' Returns for Season 2By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

So class ... what have we learned at the end of the first part of the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles season and/or has been left for us to ponder until the show returns next February?

Kinda nada mucho.

Or did I miss the humdinger - OMFG - did - I - just - see - that - happen adrenalin rush that came from LAST season's finale?

Seriously, this must be my week for expecting more from my season finales than they are actually willing to give.

By my count, T:SCC left us mostly with this:

- Confirmation Reilly has been brought back from the future to keep John Connor away from "her" and is NOT a machine.

What we didn't and/or don't know: She was brought back by the increasingly sinister Jessie - Derek's gal pal and, as far as I'm concerned, yet-to-be determined friend or foe of the team. And this "her" reference - is it Sarah or Cameron that Reilly was supposed to keep at arm's length?

Why it doesn't seem to matter now: Reilly slit her wrists under the pressure to continue the mission? the lie? Have to say, I can't really blame her given she a) flipped out on her foster family, giving them a Judgment Day talking to; and, b) Jessie seems to be a little Hitler-esque in ... how should we say ... inspiring Reilly to stay on point. Funny that I did say Reilly needed to go last week; guess I got my wish.

- Agent Ellison is now psychiatrist designee to teach AI John Henry right from wrong and/or make him a good little machine.

What we don't know: Whether that is going to work. Seriously, do we think it will?

Why it doesn't matter: Well, actually it does, especially since it looks as though John Henry is going to blow Shirley's cover in the next set of episodes. And besides, it's good to see Garret Dillahunt back - makes me miss Cromartie.

- Sarah finally found someone who could answer her pressing three dot conundrum and - BONUS! - it didn't lead to a dead end. In fact, it lead to a former MIT genius turned blogger for the UFO enthusiast crowd turned hermit given her work as a contractor kinda lead her down that know-too-much path. And we know what happens to them kinds of folks, right?

What we don't know: What said MIT genius (Abraham a.k.a. Alan Park a.k.a. equally paranoid - and smart - chicky babe) ACTUALLY knew given that once she gets involved with Sarah, trusts her and wants to show her secret piece of "metal" she acquired before going into hiding, she manages to be offed by the people who tried to take her out a while ago before she wised up to knowing too much and asking one too many questions. What can we say, "they" never stop, do they? And once you're involved with the Connors, chances are, you're going to end up in the middle of some bad juju.

Why it may or may not matter: Sarah managed to track down Abraham's mystery work location whereby she was no doubt working on a super-duper special metal that, naturally, has GOT to be another key to Skynet, right? Maybe. Except Sarah gets herself shot AND manages to pass out right as she sees Luke Skywalker's space ship overhead ... er, that which looks to be one of the first incarnations of those surveillance-type terminator ships that manage to scour the land for human resistance fighters in the future.

Um, yeah ... blow Cam up in the Jeep this was not.

More like, "So, that's it?"

Not the first time I've written that about a finale this week.

At least the promos for the second half of the season look promising ... if the show can survive moving to Fridays.

The fight to save the world continues February, 13 2009 when Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles returns to the airwaves in its new Friday night time slot. You can watch full episodes online. Visit the Official Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Web site to catch up (or re-watch!)

1 comment:

John said...

I believe it is Cameron that Jessie is worried about, not Sarah.

I still want Reilly (and Jessie) to go. I am guessing that John will save Reilly and she isn't gone yet. I am furthering guessing that at some point she will confess about her and Jessie's actions to John. Drama will ensue.

I don’t believe Ellison will teach John Henry ethics and that human life is precious. I don’t understand why Ellison is so relentlessly naïve about Shirley and the work she has him doing.

I have no idea what Sarah’s journey means. Are the bad guys evil corporate America or cyborgs from the future. Is there a difference in this show?

Will all Sarah’s efforts make a difference? I don’t see how and I wish the show would switch themes from stopping the future (which I don’t believe they can) to preparing for it.

My own question: When will John stop being so very dense and annoying?

Cam being blown up was not supposed to be a season finale. The writers’ strike just made it one.