Friday, December 19, 2008

JD Sees the 'Lights'

Can I just tell you guys that I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when I saw the previews for the next episode?!  I was so concerned that this was it.  Thankfully, we have two more episodes to enjoy after the New Year.  As the episode wore on, I began to feel that there was no way this was the last one, but I was still a little concerned.  Of course after this, NBC gets a turn at running the episodes.  Let's just hope that goes well so we can enjoy another season of Friday Night Lights because if I don't get to see what happens to Tyra, I might scream. I am so invested in her story!  She broke my heart this week with that heart-to-heart with her mother.  She just needs to work hard, hang in there, and wait for things to begin to fall into place.  She can't expect all of those slacker years to erase themselves with a few stabs at the SATs, membership in a few school activities and a new buckle- down- and- do- the- work attitude.  I do think that good things are in store for her.  And how sweet was Landry to pitch in and help with Mindy's shower?  The best part, though, was that Tyra didn't approach him about it.  He volunteered.  Maybe, just maybe, she has learned her lesson.  She has a lot more to learn, but this could be a good start.

It's a rare day when I utter the phrase, "I have to agree with Tim Riggins," but that's exactly what I was saying while watching this episode.  Lyla needs to stop feeling sorry for herself, apply for some scholarships so she can still attend Vanderbilt, work things out with her father and get off the drink, eat, sleep, drink bandwagon that Tim used to lead.  Yeah, it sucks, Lyla, but everybody has their stuff.  You gotta work through it so it doesn't consume you. 

And then there was JD McCoy and his horrible father.  Finally, JD and his mom are seeing the light.  Let's hope that continues because this kid has to get out from under his overbearing, controlling father ASAP.  He called his son's girlfriend's parents and told them that she was a bad influence!!  WTH??!!  I hope he gets what he deserves for that lovely parking lot beat down he gave his son this week.  Just wow.  I guess we'll have to wait until January 7th to find out.

Friday Night Lights is all-new and commercial-free Wednesday nights on DirecTV's 101. The third season will be seen in its entirety early next year on NBC.

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