Tuesday, December 02, 2008

'Heroes' Ends its PTR Reign

OMG!!  They killed Elle (or rather, Sylar did)!  I don't know whether to be totally bummed or totally happy.  Bummed because this means no more Kristen Bell on Heroes or happy because I'm finally free of this show!  It has been rough this season (and not all that good last season), but I was hanging on out of loyalty to Kristen.  Well, no more.  So unless something HUGE happens and the show completely turns itself around, this will be PTR's last post on Heroes.  I will be refocusing all of that Heroes energy on Chuck instead.  

I didn't think for a minute that Claire was dead.  And then when they showed Sylar die as well, I started to suspect that once the eclipse passed, powers would return and those who had "died" during it, would come back to life.  Unfortunately (or is that fortunately?), this didn't apply to Elle since Sylar killed her after the eclipse had passed and their powers had returned.  The writing was on the wall for this one from the beginning.  When you lie down with dogs...

Adios Heroes.  I will miss you, but it will be the season one you and not the way- too- wrapped- up- in- your- own- mythology shell of your former self that you have become as of late.  Call me if you turn things around and return to the show you once were a couple of seasons ago.  I won't be waiting by the phone, though.


John said...

I had been recording Heroes without getting around to watching it for a few weeks.

Two weeks ago I pulled the plug on the series - deleted the stored episodes and took it out of season pass (or whatever DirecTV is calling that now).

TVFan said...

I will be deleting it off of my Season Pass as well (like you, I have DirecTV and cannot for the life of me remember what they're calling it now that it's not TiVo anymore). Anyway, good to know that I'm not alone.