Monday, December 08, 2008

'Crusoe' Comes Close

NBC's New Action Adventure Series 'Crusoe'By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

So close and yet so far.

(cue Enchanted theme song)

Part of me did want to believe Crusoe would get off the island this week, but the realist TV viewer in me knew that'd be the end of the show. Since we still have about seven episodes left in our 13-part adventure series, we're still stranded!


Okay, maybe not so much - especially with Olivia (Oliver) now sailing back to England given a) the mutineer ship IS fixed, and b) Captain Taylor IS reinstated.


I am becoming such the fan of the budding relationship between Crusoe and Olivia. Not only does she balance out the testosterone, she's now saved Crusoe's life twice given she took a shot this week defending the tree house against mutineer captain wanna-be Atkins.

The good news: Olivia survives her wound (after some clever first aid on the part of Friday - fire ants as stitches anyone?)

The better news: Atkins men turn on him after some clever negotiating by Crusoe, and thus, Taylor is fully reinstated; all aboard!

The bad news: the deal to sail Crusoe back to England under Taylor's command didn't involve any details as it pertains to Friday's welfare.

The worse news: Taylor has plans to sell Friday as a slave.

We know Crusoe isn't going to let that happen, and so he waves buh-bye to the opportunity to sail home. But not before Olivia does some nifty negotiating of her own, killing the drunken surgeon who NO ONE wanted aboard anyways, takes his place and threatens to stay on island with our castaways if Taylor doesn't let them go.

Go Olivia!

And yet, one wonders if sailing home is going to be a good thing for Crusoe. I'm thinking the poor guy is going to have serious culture shock. He is, essentially, six years behind the rest of the world, and the world he left was clearly out to screw him over.


We learned in our flashbacks this week that Blackthorn hired an assassin to take out Crusoe right before he set sail for the New World so as to gain control of his children; and, all of his assets have been seized by his evil bro' in law given Crusoe's investment didn't cover his liabilities when his ship was taken, which left his beloved Susannah and children to be taken in by none other than Blackthorn himself.


I'd have to say living out his days in peace and harmony with Friday and Olivia on the island doesn't seem like such a bad thing at this point.

Curious: the always prepared Crusoe drafted a letter, which was to be given to Susannah should anything have happened to him sailing back to England with Taylor. Since he's not making the voyage, he gives this letter to Olivia to handle on his behalf. Now, there were some nice moments between the two of them as they agreed they could've had something together in another life, so I'm wondering if she will forward the letter on to Susannah or figure out a way to have a life with Crusoe ...?

I confess I wouldn't mind the latter.

Stay tuned.

**PROGRAMMING NOTE: The next new episode of Crusoe airs in two weeks, on December 20th.

New episodes of Crusoe air Saturdays at 8 p.m. on NBC. Visit NBC's Official Crusoe Web site for the inside scoop on the series. The site is awfully cool - and that's not just the Pirates fangirl in me talking.

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