Monday, December 08, 2008

Tyra Learns More Tough Lessons

Everyone has a Tyra in their life.  You know the girl - turns lots of heads, but always falls for the wrong guy, dumps the super sweet guy, and continually makes the wrong decision.  It seems like every time she lands on her feet, she stumbles once again.  She's frustrating to be friends with because you want the best for her, but she keeps going down the wrong path.  Yes, we all know a Tyra.  I think this is why this story line is so compelling.  I never know where it's going, but I know it isn't anywhere good.  I suppose the signs were all there about Cash, especially once he and Tyra took their relationship on the road with the rodeo circuit.  His argument with the shady characters, his outburst after placing second and his violent shove when he forced Tyra to sit back down at that extremely sketchy road-side bar had numerous red flags, but it was his outburst when the Taylors arrived to rescue Tyra that really had me concerned for Tyra.  Why do these psychos always start off as the sweetest guys in the world??!!  I hope Tyra talks to Mrs. T once she calms down.  She's going to need a few counseling sessions.

Is it completely wrong that I was clapping when Lyla left Tim's sorry a** on the side of the road?  That boy needs to learn a lesson or two.  Her stunt did seem to have some impact.  He met with the recruiter, filled out the paperwork, and basically landed himself in college (and he's the first Riggins to accomplish that feat).  And how funny was that girls' night scene with Lyla and Mindy?  They're completely bonded in their frustration and love for the Riggins boys!  I can't really imagine Lyla and Tim lasting past high school (especially since she's planning to leave Texas for Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN), and I'm completely OK with that.  In fact, I'd be completely OK with them breaking up, like, yesterday, but that's just me.  

How does Matt Saracen: Wide Receiver sound?  The former QB was lighting it up in the WR position this week!  I was cheering for him.  It can't be easy to be warming the bench after winning the Panthers a state championship just two short seasons ago.  Go Matt!  I am really dreading the end of this season because I'm so afraid it's going to be the end of this show and I just can't handle another awesome show succumbing to the crazy ratings system.  I'm still mourning Everwood and Veronica Mars.

Friday Night Lights is all-new and commercial-free Wednesday nights on DirecTV's 101. The third season will be seen in its entirety early next year on NBC.

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