Saturday, January 30, 2010

Birthday Wishes

NOTE: I suck!  I was away from my computer on Thursday and completely forgot to send out these birthday wishes for a PTR fave!  So, these are a bit belated.

Cold Case's Kathryn Morris celebrated a birthday 1/28.

Happy (Belated) Birthday Kathryn!!

Your Friends at PTR
(photo courtesy Kathryn Morris UK)

DID YOU KNOW? Kathryn reportedly just signed on to co-star alongside Denise Richards in the black comedy Mother's Little Helper.  Look for it to come out sometime late this year.


RichE said...

Happy Birthday Kathryn.

I'm doing my best to collate as much info as possible about Kathryn's involvement with Mother's Little Helpers on my site.

Kathryn has been involved since at least last November and shooting just started this past Monday (25th Jan). So far there is no sign of Kathryn actually filming anything. Her CC commitments will likely delay that for a while.

If anyone out there has any additional info please do let me know so I can share it with everyone.

Kathryn Morris UK

Anonymous said...

Kathryn looks so incrediable for 41, but she could pass easily for someone that's 33.

TVFan said...

Thanks for the info on Mother's Little Helper, RichE!

RichE said...

I'm happy to say I was wrong about Kathryn not filming this week: Kathryn Morris UK

RichE said...

(Sorry, messed up my previous post)

I'm happy to say I was wrong about Kathryn not filming this week: info

Kathryn Morris UK