Wednesday, January 27, 2010

'Chuck' Will Always Have Paris (Sort of)

I have to admit: Chuck going solo made me nervous.  As in nail-biting, edge-of-my-seat, stomach-in-knots nervous for most of this week's episode.  In the end, he was fine (with a little help from Casey and Sarah -- via phone) and ironically, it was his non-spy qualities that got him through the mission.  The fact that he's about the last person you would expect to be a spy and the way he finds it difficult to lie so he tells the truth about 99% of the time (only concealing the parts that he absolutely has to) makes him a perfect spy in a not so spy way.  Of course, the Intersect 2.0 doesn't hurt either.  That thing is badass!  It seems that he's having an easier time controlling it and getting it to work when he needs it -- both good signs.  And I don't know about you, but, like Chuck, I was disappointed that he never got to use those nunchucks!  Oh well, maybe next time.  But this mission wasn't all about espionage and nunchucks.

On that long flight from Los Angeles to Paris, Chuck met someone.  A female someone.  And the two hit it off. As in, if you're ever in Bubank, look me up. The entire time they were getting to know each other, I kept thinking that there was no way it was going anywhere because guest star Kristin Kreuk has her own show. Imagine my surprise when Hannah showed up at the Buy More at the end! Me thinks someone is going to be jealous. And I'm not just referring to the other boys at the Buy More! This, of course, has me torn. Ultimately, I want Chuck and Sarah together, but I really, really like Hannah. But, Sarah just seems so crushed still.  But Hannah and Chuck were really cute!  Darn you, writers!

There are few words that describe the awesome-ness that is Casey. His, um, "assistance" with Morgan was HILARIOUS!! I laughed so hard at him calling Lester and co. "insurgents." Awesome! And then, he kidnapped and brainwashed Lester into thinking that Morgan is the best boss ever. Casey is so funny. In fact, my only complaint about the episode is the lack of Casey and Sarah involvement in the mission. I liked seeing Chuck prove himself, but I missed the teamwork and the super-awesome spy stuff that Sarah and Casey do each week. Overall, though, another stellar hour from a show that is quickly soaring to the top level of my faves list.

Chuck is back Monday nights on NBC.  If you missed this week's episode, you can watch it for free at

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