Monday, January 18, 2010

Private Eyes on the 'Case'

Just the sheer fact that this episode didn't end with someone killing someone over the second someone finding success and moving on was a HUGE improvement as of late.  That alone would have led to a positive review here at PTR (SIDEBAR: it's amazing how much lower my standards have become for this show.  It's sad, really), but there was a lot more to this episode than a better resolution.  The year (1974) and the way the show played up the "cheesy 70s" complete with a P.I., interesting characters, and of course, the twist (that I saw coming, but enjoyed immensely anyway) all contributed to a great outing.

From the moment Harry found Bunny at that party, I just had the feeling that she was alive.  They threw in the fiery car crash, but I had that sinking suspicion that she had gotten out (as it turns out, she wasn't in there to begin with and the accident was all a set up).  As the episode progressed, the truth to what had happened to Harry turned into a fascinating tangled web of murder, deceit, attraction and in the end, a cover-up.  Harry was just trying to make things right in all of that, but it cost him his life.  Thankfully, it wasn't in vain.  Bunny survived with her new alias and made a life for herself in New Jersey because of the risks that Harry took.

On the personal front, Scotty is still dealing with the truth about his mother's assault.  I was over this story a few episodes back, so I found this week's non-developments to be ho-hum.  Basically, his mother and father want it dropped, but Scotty wants to keep pursuing it.  And from the looks of things, Scotty's gonna win this one.  Vera is having some sort of issue as well.  He's very tired (napping on the table in the break room!) and possibly a bit intoxicated as well.  After all, we know it wasn't Lilly's "irish breakfast" that Stillman found in the gun locker.  And finally, Moe got to spend a little time in the slammer.  It was exactly what Lil wanted (and orchestrated), but it had nothing to do with trying to kill her.  She caught him stumbling out of a bar and into the driver's seat of his sedan.  Busted.  For now.  Looks like it's Moe's move.  Unless Lil ups the ante even further.

Overall, a strong showing from director (and series star) John Finn (LOVED the prominence of red in the flashbacks that carried over to present day at times as well).  CC moves to 12-0 on the season.  Screen cap courtesy of RichE at Kathryn Morris UK.

ETA: I'm not one for award shows (as I tend to disagree with the results), so no post today on last night's Golden Globes.  I will say a HUGE congrats to Glee for winning Best Comedy/Musical and to Sandra Bullock for winning Best Actress in a Drama for her inspiring and moving performance in last year's best film The Blind Side.  If you'd like to know more about last night's winners, be sure to check out PTR's Twitter feed for links.


lii2 said...

I'm getting a bit tired of this Lilly/Moe thing. The storyline needs to come to a conclusion fast, this is reminding me the S5 " Lilly Nightmare thing," that the writers drudged out too much.

The case was alright, but I'm more curious about what's up with Vera.

On a sidenote; speaking of Golden Globes. I wish that Kathryn Morris would have won at one Golden Globe for her work on Cold Case.

RichE said...

I'd certainly put that one down as one of the better episodes in terms of the main story. I didn't spot the twist coming but I wasn't really thinking too much about it.

I know Scotty's father said that he and his wife wanted Scotty to drop the issue. What I'm not sure about is whether Scotty's mother really thinks that.

For some reason I hadn't made the connection between the bottle John found and Nick. He's clearly ill. Not sure what those photos were about in the middle or the end. They looked initially like x-rays or scans but they were the inside of a house. It was in very poor condition, possibly mouldy. He was looking at them again at the very end and was clearly despairing over it. At a guess I'd say either the mould has made him sick or he can't afford to repair it and has taken to drinking to relieve the stress. I thought he was living with Will.

And speaking of endings: Kat's. What was with the bottle of wine/spirits she put in Denton's case file? Is this a cop thing? The label said "Cromarty", though that could have been faked for the show.

Kathryn Morris UK

lii2 said...

I think the files that Vera had been looking at was probably from another case.

Vera appeared rather hungover, probably since finding out about his health in the episode" Forensics."

About the wine, well we saw that Harry's secretary still had a bottle wine ( His medicine), inside of her desk.

Kat just put in the bottle into the box as a tribute of somekind

RichE said...

Nick said they files were from another case, and the folder of stuff may have been, but the way he put those photos away, and was looking at them at the end, makes me think different. Hiding the photos is a sign that Kat, ace cop she is, should have spotted.

You're right about the bottle. I'd forgotten about the one Lana had kept for him. A clear sign she wasn't guilty.

Interesting phrase Harry came out with talking to Lana during the initial flash back "let me see your shoes." I'm sure it is a euphemism for something but I can't quite work it out.

Kathryn Morris UK

TVFan said...

I forgot about the bottle of alcohol too. Thanks for the clarification, LII. I wasn't sure why Kat was putting it away either.

The Vera story is very mysterious. I thought the photos had something to do with a case, but then I was more inclined to think they had to do with his obvious declining health. Very intriguing!

lii2 said...

I really liked how John Finn directed this episode as well. I think that need to wrap up this Lilly/ Moe thing now. It's getting to be tiredsome, reminding me season 5's Lilly nightmare thing.

With both Stillman, Lilly and Scotty all wearing is this some foreshadowing of something bad to come??