Saturday, January 16, 2010

'Bone' to Pick

All of these weeks off from Bones led me to two conclusions: 1) I really MISSED this show and, 2) I think I may have hit the frustration point when it comes to Booth and Bones.  The latter is a problem because it can quickly lead to total and complete apathy.  As of right now, I want to keep caring about whether they finally get together, but even that desire is beginning to dim.  I wasn't a fan of the cop out at the end of last season, but I thought that the season premiere offered a lot of promise.  There was something unmistakable about that look on Brennan's face when Booth chickened out before telling her how he feels.  And Booth -- so aware of his feelings for her for the first time and yet, so afraid.  Since then there have been glimmers (the wonderful Gordon Gordon and his table-for-two, Booth's grandfather, and that intimate moment at the exhibit), but most set-ups have led nowhere and Booth and Brennan seem to be no farther along than they were during season one.  I understand the show's struggle, but it is entering the place where it risks losing viewers' interest if it doesn't make a move soon.  Will the much-talked about 100th episode be the cure for what ails this stuck-in-neutral story line?

All of the TV experts are buzzing this week after spending time at the TCA's.  One of the big buzz stories has been about this upcoming Bones milestone.  Once again, we've been promised more developments on the Booth and Bones front, but paint me skeptical because I'm not too quick to jump for joy.  I've seen this promise before and it's usually followed by an interesting development and then no follow-through.  So, I will approach this one a tad more cautiously.  Of course, there's more to love about Bones than the constant will they/won't they saga, and believe me, I do.  The characters, the crazy cases, the humor and the emotional moments all make this show more than just a crime show, but it is Booth and Bones that give this series its heart and soul.  Because of this, I felt that the first episode of the New Year was the perfect time to air a grievance and suggest a resolution for the remainder of this season and the beginning of next: Put Booth and Bones on the path and keep them there.  I'm not saying they should jump into bed together, but at least get them started on the path of a relationship and then follow-through.  For the love of Booth and Bones and those of us who want to see that love!

OK, grievance aired so now on to this week's edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly:

THE GOOD: All of the fan-frickin-tastic references to The X-Files!  The entire episode played homage to the former Fox series (which I also enjoyed), but the ring tone and casting of one of "The Lone Gunman" were the absolute best.  Honorable mention to that hilarious scene with the rising remains.  I don't now which was funnier: Brennan's scream or Booth's gun.

THE BAD: That VERY awkward lunch between Angela, Hodgins and Wendall. As it turns out, nobody's alright (and we're all feeling a little awkward because of it).

THE UGLY: Brennan trying to do Cam's job. I know, I know, she pulled it off in the end, but it was still ugly watching her trying to do something outside of her comfort zone. The mere suggestion freaked her out.

If you missed this week's episode ("The X in the File"), check it out for free at


John said...

I agree with you on the will they/ or won't they.

To be honest I don't care if they do or don't, but either move the semi-relationship forward or end the game.

Ever since "Moonlighting" producers and networks have been afraid of actually having the leads have a relationship. That was decades ago and the show had other problems than just the two leads finally getting together.

RichE said...

Putting the Bones/Booth thing to one side, as the show did this time, it was a good fun episode.

I had a suspicion the diner owner was from the X-Files but I wasn't sure, and hadn't gotten around to looking it up.

I wonder if we'll see more of the be-suited lady. She seemed to get off easy, and she's a known face (I know her only as an ex-President's wife).

Kathryn Morris UK

Anonymous said...

The diner owner actually played " Langley", one of the long gunman on the x-files

Indeed it was very odd to see him, without his long hair