Saturday, March 29, 2008

Promoting 'Sarah Marshall'

With PTR fave Kristen Bell's new movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, about a man (How I Met Your Mother's Jason Segel) trying to get over his TV star ex-girlfriend (Bell), set to hit theaters in a few weeks, you've probably noticed the publicity for the film shifting into high gear in the form of TV previews. It turns out that there are some awesome web promotions taking place as well. Here are list of some must-see sites.

I Hate Sarah Marshall - This one is hilarious! The jilted ex, Peter Bretter, has is own blog and it's written as if the man and his story of love gone wrong are real. Check out "Sarah's Truth versus The Real Truth," video posts, and some snarky insight into the fictional famous TV star Sarah Marshall.

Sarah Marshall Fan - Check out the other side of the story from Sarah's biggest fan. It's pure fangirl fun, but it includes some facts about Sarah, pictures of her at events (obviously, they're recent pictures of Kristen at events), and get the scoop on Sarah's rumored new beau.

Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime - The official NBC site for Sarah's fictional hit crime drama. Includes behind-the-scenes photos of the show's cast, videos, and information about the show. According to the hilarious slogan, "Sex crimes just got a little sexier," which is emphasized by Sarah's low cut shirts.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall hits the big screen April 18th. For more on the film, visit the official site.

Top photo courtesy Kristen Bell Online. You can see more photos from Forgetting Sarah Marshall HERE.

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