Monday, August 31, 2009

A Haunting in Santa Barbara

Shawn, Gus and demonic spirits possessing young co-eds... what more can you ask for? Oh, I don't know, maybe one of the best episode titles ever!! "The Devil's in the Details... And in the Upstairs Bedroom" might be one of the funniest titles I've ever seen on a TV show. Classic! Here's a look at the rest of the best in this week's edition of "The Funny, The Funnier and OK, For Real, My Side Just Split."

Shawn and Gus's friendship started on shaky ground when they rolled up to the crime scene. After a hilarious recap of a prior phone conversation, it turned out that Shawn was feeling a bit let down because Gus had promised that the girls at the Catholic college (scene of the crime) would be wearing Catholic school girl uniforms, and they were not. He carried the disappointment with him to the body and tried to avoid taking the case even when Gus kept insisting that they were accepting it ("May I speak with you in the Stop Openly Contradicting Me Room, please?"). Shawn ultimately lost, but the road to Gus's victory was paved with hilarious one-liners, quips and all around awesome-ness.

Later, Gus was a little bent-out-of-shape because Shawn always gets to be lead investigator (or as Shawn says, Lead, as in the element "lead" as in pronounced like "led" investigator), so he claimed the title for the hour. It made sense since Gus was the one who wanted to take the case of the co-ed who committed suicide after apparently being possessed by a demonic spirit. But, things quickly went downhill when Lassie beat them to a suspect and visited the best friend's house before they even knew she existed. Shawn quickly snatched the title back, but then returned it to Gus (after a hilarious fight over it) when things took a creepier and decidedly scarier turn in the best friend's bedroom.

The best friend's bedroom is where we find this week's funniest scene. That exorcism was so freakin' funny! These things are supposed to be scary and unsettling, but when Shawn and Gus get involved, things just go from funny to funnier. Watching those two chickens holding that (not so possessed) girl down and seeing their reactions to her strange behavior and the unexplained happenings in the room was classic! Add in the awesome visual nod to The Exorcist (with the priest arriving in the foggy night), Shawn getting easily distracted by flattery, another (more subtle) Mentalist reference ("Carson D.'s got Simon Baker on tonight. That's can't miss."), and Gus running out scared when the light fell over and you get another vintage Psych scene that had me laughing well into the commercial break. Runner-up goes to Shawn's "Devil Went Down to Georgia" schtick. So funny!

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John said...

Shawn and Gus being scared is always great.

The “possession” scene with the lamp, etc. was great.

Ray Wise was good.

All the supporting regulars were underutilized.

The lead/led investigator bits worked very well.

A devilishly good episode.