Saturday, August 15, 2009

'Saving Grace' Done After Three Seasons

Actress Holly Hunter of TNT's 'Saving Grace'By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

It looks like Grace won't be saved after all.


Just when it was starting to get really good, too.

TNT announced this week that the Saving Grace will end its three season run next summer (2010).

While TNT wanted to continue with the adventures of all-things Grace Hanadarko, Fox (which actually produces the show) decided to end production after disappointing overseas and DVD sales.

As part of the decision, TNT will not air the winter run of the remaining six episodes on tap for the third season until next summer; and, Fox will film an extra three episodes to tie up all loose end so as to give the series a proper send off.

So look for the final nine episodes of the series' third installment to all air next summer.

Guess Angel Earl is going to have to find another assignment, eh?

Sources: TNT Publicity; LA Times.


John said...

I think the show will wrap up the story in a decent fashion.

I don't know if Grace ends up dead or just a better peson or what.

I do think her personal journey with Earl will end, at least as it now exists as guide and student. They coild work together in some fashion.

Or maybe once Grace reaches a level of behavior she (and her friends) will forget that Earl ever existed.

RichE said...

It's a shame to hear they won't be continuing. I've not been watching but I have been enjoying LK's reviews and the biannual Holly (I think you're on first name terms now) interviews.

I wonder if some of the content (I'm thinking of the HHWMs :-o ) have made the show a difficult sell abroad. It limits where and when it can shown and if it isn't getting the viewers then the DVDs won't be getting the promotion.

I also wonder if the split seasons hurt viewing figures. It seems a very odd way to treat a show. Have half a season and then take it off air for ages. Put on the other half of the season and then shortly afterwards start the next. The gap is in the wrong place.

I'm sure the writers will give a suitable ending but do you want Grace "saved" at the end? On the one hand don't want to be left with unanswered questions. But on the other you want to feel that the characters lives continue on, even without the cameras being present.

Kathryn Morris UK

John said...

A lot (probably most) of cable shows have this split season format.

It is designed to air episodes when the main networks don't do much new material - over the summer and between the November and February sweeps.

RichE said...

I get the idea of putting the show out when the major networks are taking a break from new shows. It makes sense to not try and compete with them for viewers.

The first season of Grace was a July-Sept then Dec 07 thing. The second was July-Aug 07, Mar-Apr 08. The current third season followed shortly after that in June 09 and looks to return in March of 2010. To me it makes more sense to have a complete season in that Mar-Aug 09 period. But scheduling rarely make sense to me.

As for Earl finding a new assignment, if the recent report (as linked to over at Look Again) is true Lilly may need soem saving. Perhaps a new CC spinoff: Liberating Lilly? Rescuing Rush? As long as we get a few KMWMs ;-)

Kathryn Morris UK