Monday, August 17, 2009

Lifestyles of the Rich & Psychic

When a famous billionaire's plane goes down and you can't find the wreckage or the billionaire, who you gonna call? Shawn and Gus, of course! And they did find the wreckage and the billionaire, but things only got complicated from there, so let's discuss in this week's edition of "The Funny, The Funnier and OK, For Real, My Side Just Split."

After getting hired by the billionaire's family (the Claytons) to psychically figure out why Mr. Clayton's plane went down, Shawn and Gus headed to the family's mansion for dinner. When they weren't spitting out chunks of bread and putting them in the soup over dinner or breaking valuable decorations before dinner, the duo was causing a stir of a different kind. Shawn was able to ascertain that Mrs. Clayton was sleeping with her tennis instructor (which prompted her son to declare, "No wonder why you have so many sexy tennis outfits!"), the son was angry because his wealthy father had forced him to get a job and start being responsible (oh, the humanity!), and Mr. Clayton was having an affair with the housekeeper. Oy! When they left the home (with doggie bags in hand and actual doggies nipping at their heels as they sprinted across the Clayton's expensive lawn), they had a plethora of suspects and enough antics to leave me laughing into the commercial.

Later in the episode, the two visited the Clayton's country club (after the family fired them, but good news! Lassie and co. decided that the plane crash might have been deliberate, so the country club visit was "official police business"). If you thought dinner was funny, well, that was just the appetizer. Shawn got an idea, but not just any idea. According to Gus, this was one of Shawn's "loosely formed ideas that shouldn't work on paper, but ultimately proves to be reasonably successful." Cue the idea. These two took to the links with some of Warren's golfing buddies. And these gentleman don't fool around. They were playing a thousand bucks a hole and one golfer admitted that he had lost his plane to Warren in a previous game of skins (the very same plane that crashed and killed Warren... dum, dum, dum!). Between the over-the-top fake laugh from both Shawn and Gus and Shawn describing how well he does as a psychic ("This here is just a trial membership. We only belong to the most exclusive clubs"), these two were a long way from the country club crowd. But hey, they did learn about the hanger, so yeah, "reasonably successful."

This week it wasn't a moment or a scene or even a theme that had me laughing the loudest; it was several little things. It started with Twitter. Shawn described a "status transmission" that he was receiving psychically as something like a "Twitter." Gus quickly corrected him by saying, "a tweet." And Shawn responded that there was no way he was going to say it that way. Later, Shawn (knowing absolutely nothing about anything financial including referring to sub-prime as "sub prime-time"), thought that a suspect was implicating Henry Winkler's Happy Days character "The Fonz" in Warren's murder. He was, of course, talking about a Ponzi scheme. I'm not sure that Shawn ever learned the truth. Throughout the episode, he kept making "notes to self" that he wanted Gus to remember rendering them no longer notes to self and driving Gus crazy. Thankfully, Gus was there to correct the Twitter faux pas, handle the financial stuff and remember all of the notes to self.

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John said...

This was another good episode.

The Shawn/Gus bickering was good. My only real cmplaint was too little Jules and Lassie.

I have one product placement nitpick. I am used to product placements (PP). Some are well done and I either don’t notice that they are a PP or don’t mind them. (As an aside, I wonder if Dole or someone is paying for pineapple PP?) Others can be VERY annoying. There were a couple Ford PP in Alias that were exceptionally bad.

But in this week’s Psych there was a PP for a product that doesn’t actually exist. When we see a laptop computer on a show we always see the computer logo, often but not always the Apple apple. On Psych we saw the Window’s logo where there would be a computer maker’s logo (Apple, Dell Sony’s Vaio, etc.) But there is no Window’s computer. They were pushing the OS as if it were a computer.

TVFan said...

I noticed that non-product placement too, and it had me scratching my head. Very bizarre. Great thought about the pineapple placement.

One thing that I keep forgetting to mention in the product placement department is the super-awesome iPhone PP with the Psych skin! So awesome!

John said...

I saw the green Psych casing (I guess what you kids call a skin).

They don't offically exist but someone designed one for their iPhone at MyTego. There is a YouTube clip on it.

I wonder why there isn't one at the Psych store?

I am tempted to get one for my BleckBerry.

TVFan said...

I'm surprised they haven't put one in the Psych store as well. I'm sure there are a lot of viewers who'd like to have the official one. Good to know that there is an unofficial one, though.