Thursday, August 27, 2009

Remote Rewind: For Better or For Worse

After three seasons, a couple of break-ups, several almost break-ups, and more ups and downs than a rollercoaster, Sully and Michaela finally tied the knot in this 2-hour episode. They had suffered so much loss leading up to the big day that it was nice to see a happy occasion. But things weren't all honkey-dory on the path down the aisle. Michaela's mom and two of her sisters came into town for the wedding, but this led to a few rough patches -- not only between Michaela and her family, but also between Michaela and Sully. It's fair to say that the Boston crew wasn't exactly overly-impressed with the house that Sully had poured his heart and hard-earned money into over the last year. They said that it was "nice for Colorado Springs." In other words, not too impressive for their Boston standards. When Michaela started to see the house through their eyes, Sully took offense and asked her when she was going "to start seeing things through our eyes?"

Mrs. Quinn brought with her a fancy wedding dress from Paris. It was beautiful, but not exactly Michaela's style. Plus, she was supposed to wear a dress that Dorothy and the other women in the town were making for her. She didn't want to hurt either side's feelings, but Dorothy quickly conceded that the Paris dress was simply divine and she should wear it. Later, Marjorie began taking out her hurt over her own failed marriage and her shattered relationship with her mother on Michaela. Hank being quite the expert on recognizing certain ailments, realized that Marjorie's ex had left her with more than a broken heart and he alerted Michaela. She gave Marjorie some medicine to cure her STD.

Eventually, things were smoothed over between the Quinns and the wedding was on track to proceed. There was only one problem: Cloud Dancing. He was wanted by the U.S. Army and Gen. Custer was in town for the festivities (Mrs. Quinn had inadvertently invited him) making it impossible for him to attend his "brother's" wedding. Thanks to Jake, it was nothing a swift smack to the head with a bench couldn't cure. Problem solved. Everything was set except for that dress. Michaela decided to combine the elements from both dresses and create one that better reflected her. The result was simply stunning (if not a bit inappropriate for the time period and location). The moment had finally come and Michaela walked down the aisle with her mother at her side to give her away (something Mrs. Quinn first balked at because it wasn't traditional). After the "I do's," food, fun and dancing took over and Cloud Dancing took off before Custer came to and placed him into custody.

After, Michaela and Sully boarded a specially decorated train car (complete with the new headboard Sully had made for them) courtesy of Brian and Matthew. They waved to their loved ones and rode off into the sunset as a married couple. This being the 1860s and Michaela being a woman of proper breeding, their wedding night was a big night and marked a huge milestone in their chaste relationship. This being a family show, we were privy to the couple closing the shades ("It's getting darker"), sharing a passionate kiss and the episode fading to black. It was the perfect ending to a beautiful wedding episode.

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