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Roundup: 'Closer' Family Affair; 'Bar' Gets Petty

By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

'The Closer's' Fifth Season Airs Mondays on TNTThe Apple Didn't Fall Far From the Tree

So let's just skip to the good stuff in this week's episode of The Closer - which just so happens to be the personal, not the professional.

At least for me.

BJ's niece Charlene (make that Charley), played by none other than Kyra Sedgwick's real-life daughter, Sosie Bacon, which began the first of a four-episode arc for the Charley character.

Can I just say: AWESOME.

And this is coming from someone NOT generally a fan of the whole I'm-related-to-my-costar thing.

But the personal has, is and always will be one of my favorite things about this show. For five seasons, they've managed NOT to sacrifice personal character storylines for the procedure of crime solving. They balance the two, mix it together and deliver forward progress to us, the viewer, right at that pitch-perfect moment.

And they did so again this week. I absolutely dug the fact that Charley responded to her aunt's hands-off, yet still controlled, approach to keeping tabs on her. This reminded me quite a bit of my own favorite aunt who, usually against the advice of just about everyone except my own mom, treated me like an adult and didn't necessarily punish me for being a teenager when she couldn't figure out all the nuances of teen life. I SO loved her for that. Moreover, I SO respected her for that. It helped shaped who I am today as compared to the rule-with-an-iron-fist approach of ... wait for it ... my grandparents.

Admittedly, I wasn't a troublemaker.

And from the looks of things, neither is Charley. Sure, she's a teen. But that in and of itself doesn't constitute life in grandparent jail without the possibility of parole.

I also enjoyed watching BJ still manage to escape the when-are-we-going-to-have-our-own-kids discussion with Fritzy once again. Even if she doesn't necessarily want kids and doubts her own ability to have Charley stay with her for the remaining part of the summer, she seemed awfully apt handling her own niece.

Now, it could all blow up in the next set of episodes. Charley could completely violate Brenda's choice in treating her more like an adult than a teen. But can I just say I'd love for Charley to end up being some sort of Clay-like character (from Saving Grace), where she becomes an extension of the squad, and more importantly, serves as an important rock and/or anchor-like character for Brenda just as Clay does for Grace.

Crossover ep, anyone?


And note to self: Kevin Bacon is back directing one of the next three episodes. Yay! We just love it when KB helms an ep.

New episodes of The Closer air Mondays at 9 p.m. on TNT. For the scoop on the series, head on over to the show's official site.

Petty is as Petty Does

File this week's episode of Raising the Bar under: ultimate pissing contest.

Between Judge Kessler and Judge Farnsworth.

'Raising the Bar' Airs Monday's on TNTYowza, folks.


And Farnsworth punishes one of Jerry's clients for no other reason than to make his point with Kessler? Do we really have judges like this?!?!?!?

Deep breath.

Again, what I've learned of our legal system in the last two years watching this show is starting to scare me - even WITH a healthy dose of creative license.

But let's talk about Currie Graham's Nick Balco for a moment.

The man is a slime ball. Creepy. True misogynist.

And yet, I have to say some of that womanizing/wandering eye/inappropriate behavior has been toned down a bit this season. His relationship with star prosecutor Michelle Ernhardt has gotten to be almost ... well, dare I say mentor-ish?

But all good things must come to an end.

And this week we got a hybrid version of Nick - seeming to want to give Michelle a fantastic professional opportunity, but really just used her to finish off a stall of a case gone bad for him several years back whereby he got one-upped by the defense attorney who ... let's just say had certain ways of persusasion Nick is not capable of resisting.

And still isn't.

Kinda interesting.

Except for his grudge.

And using Michelle.

And banging the defense attorney.

Then again, this is Nick Balco.

Note to Charlie: 100 points for your loyalty to Kessler, but seriously ... GO WORK FOR FARNSWORTH. He clearly showed he was the better man this week - especially with his apology.

Note to producers: Please keep John Michael Higgins around in a recurring role. He.Is.Too.Good

New episodes of Raising the Bar air Mondays at 10 p.m. on TNT. For the scoop on the series, head on over to the show's official site

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John said...

RE: The Closer

I enjoyed the episode, even if the killer was predictable.

My only complaint/puzzle relates to the Charlie / James Clark parallel.

When James was talking to Brenda in her office he gave a set of complaints/suggestions from his father about his “friends” (aka voices in his head) and other things that mirrored Willie Ray complaints about Charlie.

What are we to make of this? Charlie is not schizophrenic so this isn’t a medical clue. James does have a real problem that a parent would worry about and try to fix, so it can’t be a parallel example of over-reacting.

Why the parallel?

I am looking forward to Charlie's presence, but I don't want to her in the squad room.