Monday, August 03, 2009

A Not So 'Plain' Witness

"Well that's a new one. We gave a fake identity to a man who already had one!" Marshall Mann

That pretty much sums up this week's intriguing episode. When Phillip (a.k.a. Roy) said that he and his good friend looked "so much alike," I had that sinking feeling that Phillip was really Roy, but I waited for it to play out. This explains why Roy, a lowly commoner from West Virginia, was so concerned about ripping people off and why that concern motivated him to turn against his associates and go into WITSEC. The real Phillip Ashmore may not have been as sympathetic to the common man. If nothing else, Roy did give Phillip a nice legacy and he certainly mastered that British accent! Of course, you have to wonder about a family that has one brother who's pretending to be a member of an important British family and another brother who is holding his brother's wife for ransom! The whole "pretending to be an Ashmore" thing doesn't sound as wrong all of a sudden. That train scene at the end was pretty intense. There was one shot that showed Marshall and Mary's car with the approaching train from the right and whoa! When Marshall says he can't make it, he can't make it.

This week we started to get some of the residual effects of Marshall's reaction to Mary's engagement. Only, I thought it would be Mary who started acting weird. Marshall was very bent out of shape that Mary told Raph what she does for a living. He made up some mumbo-jumbo about her telling Raph what she does is the same as her telling Raph what Marshall does and he isn't comfortable with Raph knowing what he does. While I see his point, I think that this was just scratching the surface and his over-blown reaction to it was some misplaced anger. He's upset that Mary is marrying Raph because he has feelings for her and that emotion manifested itself as anger this week. No matter what Mary said, it wasn't going to help. Maybe these two need to have a serious heart-to-heart and lay it all out on the table to see where they stand. Maybe then, Marshall could either get what he wants or get the closure he needs to move forward. Either way, some of that tension might finally disappear. And speaking of tension, I feel some brewing back at the Shannon household. I'm just not sure how this Raph/Brandi/Mary thing is going to play out and with next week's finale looming, it may be a while before we know for sure. But seriously, how awesome does next week's season ender look??? Can't wait.

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John said...

Like you I knew the guy was the “dead” brother and not the British aristocrat. And if his real brother could tell that Phillip was really Roy there would have been plenty of people in England who would know that Roy wasn’t Phillip. He had been away at school, but missing for years.

I still detect a strong Raph/Brandi vibe. Given how closed off Mary is the wonder is that Raph is able to stay with her.

I don’t want a season ending cliffhanger. Otherwise next weeks episode looks great.