Monday, October 05, 2009

'Case' Skates through a Stronger Episode

From the moment this week's episode started, something felt like season one. Maybe it was the look of the flashbacks or the familiar way that Lilly and Scotty worked together (with her taking lead), but something kept that feeling alive throughout the hour. And, this will come as no surprise, I liked it. A lot! This outing managed to capture the essence of the first season that makes you feel emotionally involved in the case even when you're not interested in the subject matter. I'm no skateboarding aficionado, but I found myself wrapped up in this one. Normally, I would have disconnected from the first spin of those skateboard wheels (and believe me, I started to), but the story and the characters fought that inclination and kept me involved. I'm really glad they did. I kinda fell in like with Cold Case again this week. The show reminded me why I (hearted) it so much originally. It's funny, too, because this wasn't a stand-out episode, but it was a return to what made this show so great.

Thankfully, there was no "least likely suspect" this week, so the writers weren't tempted to pin the murder on him/her. Everyone made for a viable suspect, which allowed me to just follow the story and not worry about a let down at the end. My heart went out to Nash. He wanted to rescue his little brother, so he took the first good opportunity that came around. Unfortunately, this alienated him from the one person who had given him a place to stay. Even more unfortunate, it also led to his drugged-up friend taking a skateboard to his head. Now that's just wrong!

Two intriguing developments on the personal front this week: Scotty's mom has a secret and Lil has a secret admirer. We got to meet Scotty's parents for the first time because his dad is worried about his mom's sudden change in behavior. She swore everything was fine, but at the end, Scotty saw her crying in her car. Is she dealing with a health scare? A new love? Or something else? Meanwhile, Lil was dealing with her own mystery. She received a text on her phone from a blocked number. The text was a picture of her taken without her knowledge while she walked down the street. My guess: it was either from her new nemesis Moe Kitchener (whom we saw her stalking last week -- maybe he was returning the favor) or her undercover beau Eddie Saccardo (who texted her a picture of herself last season when they were dating and he wasn't undercover). Place your bets now. I'm putting mine on Moe.

A much better outing than last week, so CC moves to 2-0 on the season. Screencap courtesy of RichE at Kathryn Morris UK.


RichE said...

A definite step up from last week.

Good idea on Eddie sending the picture. I'd assumed it was Moe.

Can we start a campaign to get rid of the horrible "you are watching" and "coming next" graphics? They are getting bigger, more animated and colourful. Do they want me to watch the show or the advert for another show? As if several minutes worth of producer credits over the top of the actual action aren't bad enough. I know what I'm watching! Tell me what's next during the ad breaks! Why not just put a big spin police badge and flashing blue light in the middle of the screen through out the whole hour so we know it's a cop show! [/rant]

Kathryn Morris UK

Anonymous said...

I'm placing my bet on Saccardo, seems to be more logical. Not Moe, clearly he would have done something more than that, to bother Lil.

I did like this episode, but it wasn't excellent but I gave it a " Good"


foxygknits said...

I fell asleep 10 minutes before the end of the episode. Can someone please tell me "who done it?"

Anonymous said...

My bets on saccardo! Where would Moe get her cell number??

Loved the episode Vera on a board priceless

RichE said...


It was Nash's skater friend Cal. He got all jealous and frustrated that Nash was doing well. He'd got a sponsor, so had some money coming in. He was much better at performing the skating tricks and wasn't doing drugs. Skateboard to the head.

Kathryn Morris UK