Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekend Watch: Hallmark's 'Always and Forever'

Hallmark Channel Original Movie 'Always and Forever'By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

The Hallmark Channel is awfully busy cranking out original movies these days.

Good ones, too.

Not to mention they've taken on the admirable task of cleaning up and getting rid of the overabundance of redonkulous, useless and/or gossipy humiliation of famous folk by focusing on the GOOD and DECENT stuff (yes, there is some) that goes on in the world of celebrity over at

And, because of all this, I'm going to forgive them for continuing to throw me for a loop switching around their daytime scheduling. Like, every other week. (Seriously, my Hallmark friends, can we stop the flip flopping? Or just promise me Touched By An Angel STAYS on the schedule?)

Alas, I digress.

And I interrupt the digression to give you a feel good movie alert for the weekend - especially for those of you who enjoy high school sweetheart stories.

Dean McDermott (yes, Tori Spelling's Dean), Rena Sofer (of that little ol' show called 24), and legendary TV favorite Barbara Eden (I Dream of Jeannie, anyone?) star in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie Always & Forever, which premieres Saturday, October 24th at 9 p.m. (8 p.m. Central).

20 years after their fairy tale relationship ended, former high school sweethearts Grace (Sofer) and Michael (McDermott) rediscover a surprising - and possibly enduring - connection at their high school reunion. Of course, there are complications - namely Grace’s pushy mom (Eden) who is convinced that Michael is not going to stick around, and thus, tries to push her daughter in the opposite direction.

The premiere of the movie is aptly timed, given October is generally the month high schools across the country put the final touches on Homecoming floats and dust off the crowns for the soon-to-be-appointed King & Queen. So, after you finish watching college football this weekend, check out the story of a ‘Most Likely to Live Happily Ever After’ couple who didn't get it the first go around, but may be given a second chance.

Me thinks we could all use some happily-ever-afterness these days.

Vicariously, anyway.

Always & Forever premieres Saturday, October 24th at 9 p.m. (8 p.m. Central) on the Hallmark Channel. Head on over to for the full scoop on the movie.

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