Friday, October 16, 2009

Dream Catcher

As a viewer who doesn't get overly excited about the episodes that deal solely with the mythology of Fringe (with the exception of last week's answer-fest), I'm always happy to see an outing that takes a break from it and presents a stand-alone story. I like a balance and I think this show strikes a nice one. Some shows (*cough* Lost *cough*) begin to drown in their own mythology as time goes on and leave viewers feeling frustrated and confused. Once again we got a concept that sounds ridiculous on paper, but this show (thanks to the always entertaining Walter) managed to make it seem possible. It's not that I think that there is a sleep disorder doctor running around implanting chips so he can steal his subjects' dreams and feed his own bizarre addiction, but by the end of the explanation, the idea didn't sound so far-fetched. And I'm once again amazed at this show's ability to pull this off week after week.

Olivia's business card scavenger hunt was fun. I loved that the message ended up being "You're gonna be fine." Definitely exactly what she needed to hear after some pretty trying times. Speaking of which, nice continuity this week with Liv dealing with Charlie's death (and feeling like she killed him even though she killed Not-Charlie). This is really eating at her, but it was good to hear her talking about and smiling over Charlie memories. More weirdness this week with Peter. He revealed that he stopped having bad dreams at the age of eight thanks to his father. Then at the end, he had a nightmare of himself as a child being snatched and his father seemed to be the one endangering him. Could this "dream" have been a repressed memory from when Walter traveled to the alternate universe and took the Peter we now know and love? If Peter's on a path that's about to lead him to the truth about his identity, then I wouldn't want to be Walter right about now.

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John said...

I abandoned “Lost” a log time ago for the sin you mentioned. “Fringe” has kept a good balance and I believe they have told us the underlying mystery already – the parallel universes and the impending “storm”. There are many (and maybe an infinite number of) subsidiary mysteries to deal with, but I think we can see the shape of the “Fringe” universe.

There is no doubt that eventually Peter will find out the truth; it is a question of when, not if. I do hope they don’t sugar coat it, by making Walter’s stealing Peter to be because it was in some way “good” for Peter. They have already showed Walter’s actions were caused by his grief over losing the original this universe Peter.

The possibility or impossibility of the science shown is best no thought about too much.

As an aside, it sounds to me like they borrowed their new tag line about the impossibilities are endless. There is a show that highlights trick shooting called “Impossible Shots” and they have used the line “the impossibilities are endless” for more than a year.

I do like Olive’s therapy sessions. The red wearing business card hunt was had nice whimsy.