Monday, October 19, 2009

Shawn Gets Taken for a Ride

This week's fall finale was all over the map as Gus, Jules, Lassie and Henry searched for an injured Shawn. The story switched between young Shawn (1989), shot/kidnapped Shawn, Shawn and Gus working the ice cream truck case and Gus and co. searching for shot Shawn. Needless to say, this one required extra attention to keep everything straight. Luckily, there was much funny mixed in to keep the story moving along smoothly. Here's a look at the rest of the best in this week's edition of "The Funny, The Funnier and OK, For Real, My Side Just Split."

When the fateful day finally came and Shawn found himself trapped in the trunk of a car, he remember his father's advice and kicked out the tail light. He even made sure to check the scenery around him for landmarks. The only problem: he was in the middle of nowhere and had very few options for alerting someone about aforementioned landmarks. So, with his hands duct tapped behind his back, he fumbled with his iPhone (complete with the Psych cover!) and tried to dial Gus. He made it to the "Gs," but he called the wrong "G." Instead of Gus, he got Gina. This was a bit problematic since Gina was a girl he went out with 3 years ago and never called again. While Gina and her friend deliberated about answering the call, Shawn's life was in serious danger. She finally picked up, but she quickly got angry with him and hung up before he could tell her why he was calling. He freed his hands and tried to call Gus, but by that time he had very low signal. He was left with one option: send a very fast text message that gets the point across in as few letters as possible (sorta like Twitter). So he did, but no one knew what it said and Lassie called it gibberish. Things weren't looking too good for Shawn.

As usual, there was a spattering of funny references, but this week they just seemed even funnier. Everything from the iPhone App. Yelp! to The Mentalist and The Fast and the Furious was fair game. Yelp! got blamed for Shawn winding up in the right place at the wrong time. He tried to blame the app. by claiming that it had told him that a Starbucks was right where he was standing when he got caught snooping around the ice cream truck. Later, Gus and Jules were searching Shawn's apartment for clues to his disappearance when Gus decided to search Shawn's browser history on his computer. He read off the web sites that Shawn had visited recently and one of them was (another funny reference to the CBS show that shares a similar theme to Psych). And finally, Shawn found himself in the precarious position of being in the bed of a speeding pick up truck with Jules and Gus driving alongside of him. While the trio tried to decide what to do, Shawn started drawing parallels between his situation and The Fast and the Furious. Oh, how I love the way this show references everything!

While he was in that aforementioned precarious position, he realized that he needed to jump from the bed of the pick up to one of the moving cars on either side of him. One of those cars was Gus's company car. Shawn prepared himself to jump when Gus suddenly put the kibosh on the idea. Gus, with complete seriousness said, "You must be out of your damn mind, Shawn. It's a company car!" Don't mess with the company car! So, Shawn turned to his other side and found Lassie and his dad driving alongside him in Lassie's new police cruiser. He went to jump, but Lassie stopped him this time. Finally, he took charge and told Lassie, "Look, I have been shot. I am jumping on somebody's car!" Let the bad guy keep Shawn, let Shawn bleed out from that flesh wound, but whatever you do, don't put a dent in your (or the company's) car! HILAROUS!

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John said...

I enjoyed the episodes for the reasons you mentioned.

But there was more (of course). The conversation with Juliet (when he pretended to call Abigail) moved Shawn/Jules relationship forward, sort of.

Lassie calling Shawn “Detective” was an unexpected tribute.

Finally, I love “Psych” and like Shawn, but does it make me a bad person that I was not unhappy that someone finally shot Shawn when he went into one of his verbal ramblings? They can be very annoying, which is there intent.

TVFan said...

I don't think it makes you a bad person. ;0) In fact, I'm surprised it hasn't happened before.