Tuesday, October 20, 2009

'Dexter's' Revenge ... On Me

By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

It really is true: revenge is a b**ch.

And, in my head (shout-out Wendy Williams), the Dexter writers are getting some serious revenge on me this season for my less-than-stellar support of their efforts last season.


Are they ever.

Remember when the first season finale of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles left me staring at the screen, eyes wide open, mouth agape for 10 minutes AFTER the episode ended whereby we saw dearest Cameron blown to judgment day in the Jeep ...?

Cue this week's episode of Dexter

Deb and Lundy.

Gunned down in the parking lot.

AFTER rekindling their romance.

JUST as I was thinking "Awe, yes! Long live the Deb and Lundy Shippers!" JUST as I was thinking, "It's OK Deb. The best thing to happen to you was/is/and always will be Lundy." JUST as I was thinking "Man, I so love this show. Again."


Those plot twists are the best kind - something the show seemed to drift away from last season but has rebounded with aplomb this season.

Not to mention it all comes right on the heels of Lundy thinking he might - just might - have brushed shoulders with the Trinity Killer. Which begs the question: did TK (we can call him that, right?) shoot Lundy and Deb so as to deter Lundy from pursuing the case? The previews for next week certainly want us to think this, but I confess my first thought was Anton (though I actually didn't WANT to think this).

In other news .... wait, was there any?


Everything else in the episode paled in comparison to the last five minutes. Yeah, okay, so Dexter took down psycho cop chick, who killer her own family for freedom. Yeah, okay, so Laguerta and Batista are in a do we/don't we disclose our relationship conundrum. Yeah, okay, so Rita and the kids took a vay-kay, which gave Dex some much needed alone pondering the status of my life at the moment time.

Um, yeah, sorry, but this week was all about the Deb/Lundy plot twist. Like, serious-A-game-Dexter-writers-have-got-their-creative-genius-back plot twist.

Not only am I having my heart broken AGAIN with the idea that Deb and Lundy aren't going to be together, if Deb is once AGAIN the target of yet ANOTHER serial killer's revenge ... egads, folks. We'll need to commit her to an asylum, like, yesterday.

I don't know how she's going to survive that AGAIN.

But watch the writers surprise me.


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1 comment:

TVFan said...

My first thought was TK, but then I started to wonder if this was a bit too obvious given TK's "accidental" encounter with Lundy earlier in the episode. Now, I'm wondering if Lundy and Deb were the latest victims of the vacation murders? After all, Lundy was staying in a hotel. Whatever the real story is, I'm sure this show will find a way to surprise us.

What a twist that was at the end! Man, I'm going to miss Lundy.