Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Music in the 'Bones'

PLEASE NOTE: I'm playing catch-up after a weekend with family, so this 'Bones' post is a wee-bit on the late side. But hey, better late than never, right?

Sometimes, a show can surprise you by taking a conventional route. We've become so accustomed to crime shows presenting us with suspects, giving them valid motives and then shocking us with some revelation that clearly points to one of them. Case closed, suspect behind bars and justice once again served. But sometimes in real life, the bad guy isn't the victim's spouse, roommate, business partner, or rival. Sometimes, the bad guy is just a kid who breaks into your house looking for something to steal to support whatever habit he can't afford. This week's episode of Bones took that more conventional, less crime show route and I liked it. I didn't want the killer to be one of the piano prodigy's fellow music students or someone from his Amish community. I was happy to see the break in the usual crime show format even if it meant that the killer wasn't someone previously introduced.

There were a lot of funny scenes this week between Booth and Bones. LOVED how Brennan called his "Cocky" belt buckle "Booth-y" after she expressed her happiness for its return. Then there was their hilarious discussion about Rumspringa with Booth taking the more fatherly stand and Brennan defending another religion's traditions. Later, the two (kinda accidentally) disclosed the age at which they each lost their virginity while discussing how Cam should handle Michelle and her boyfriend. I loved the surprise in Booth's face when he found out that Brennan was 22 years old. And watching Brennan defend her decision by explaining it as if she had been selecting a house was pure comic gold. Funny all around!

And now, here's this week's edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly:

THE GOOD: Booth meeting Michelle's boyfriend. He played the scary dad card by making sure that Perry knew that he was an FBI agent, a former sniper and, most importantly, that he would find him if he hurt Michelle. Classic!

THE BAD: Poor Clarke having to search every inch of those train tracks to find any piece of human remains. It's times like these that make me glad I'm not a forensic anthropologist.

THE UGLY: No visual ugly this week, but just imagining the train running over that poor kid was enough ugly to fill the entire episode.

If you missed last week's episode ("The Plain in the Prodigy"), check it out for free at


John said...

I didn't care for the killer from nowhere "twist". I know that is often the case, but it seemed like a cop out on TV mystery. If they wanted to go that route that should have raised the possibliity earlier in the episode.

And "last night's episode"? I know you are running late, but you should edit it to read last week's episode.

RichE said...

The "oh yes, some random guy did it" was certainly an expected surprise. It's good that they feel they can do such things.

Was I the only one wondering if we'd see Nick Vera sat outside the Amish house "whittling"?

I did wonder if the same location was used as they did for Cold Case's Running Around but you never got a really good look at the house so I couldn't tell.

Kathryn Morris UK

TVFan said...

John: Thanks for catching that. Fixed now. My bad. I was working so hard the entire post not to put "Last night" and then I went and did it at the end. Almost made it through the entire post. ;0)

RichE: I couldn't help but to think of Vera and that CC episode while watching this one. Interesting that they both explored the Amish community and their tradition of Rumspringa. But, they told very different stories. Still, Vera was on my mind the entire time they were in Lancaster, PA.