Monday, December 17, 2007

Pencils Delivered

Last week, United Hollywood made its first delivery of pencils to the media moguls behind NBC, Disney, and Universal in their successful Pencils2MediaMoguls campaign. According to a report posted at United Hollywood, the pencils were turned down at all three locations (the turned away pencils are being donated to help children and schools that need them). Jeffrey Berman wrote the following about the event from December 11th on the UH site:

Ron [Moore] told the guard we were here to deliver the pencils to [NBC Executive] Jeff Zucker and the guard turned us away. I used their company phone and called Zucker's office and asked his secretary if at the very least Mr. Zucker could come down and address us. She promptly hung up on me.

We then rolled the pencils over to Disney and asked for Bob Iger. The guard told us they weren't accepting deliveries at the main gate. So Ron asks which gate they would accept them, and the guard calmly responds, "We're not accepting deliveries at any gate."

At Universal they wouldn't even let me near the front gate. A policeman told me he had already spoken to the main office and they didn't want our delivery.
Click over to United Hollywood for the full report. You can also check out more photos from the event HERE. All photos are courtesy of United Hollywood. Most importantly, don't forget to click the box on the right of this blog and make your donation to Pencils2Media moguls. We need to encourage a fair end to this strike as soon as possible.

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suekola44 said...

That's quite a story! Not surprising though at all.