Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Two 'Heroes' Fall

Why do shows like Lost and Heroes string us along all season (or in Heroes' case, half a season) with mediocre plots and so much mythology that I'm not even sure the writers understand it all -- just to wallop us with a kick-ass finale that leaves our heads spinning and our hearts wondering why we ever doubted this show??!! Why, I ask! It's just not fair. And with the continuing writers strike spelling out a bleak TV future that includes the looming sensation that most shows may not finish out their seasons past the 12 or so episodes they have in the bank, it makes this week's spectacular Heroes finale even more bittersweet. I'm psyched that they ended "Volume II" with a HUGE bang, but bummed that I might not get to follow the story until Fall 2008 at the earliest. Moving on because if I don't, I'm going to get all depressed over the current condition of this TV season. Did anyone else find themselves literally hanging on Every. Single. Moment?? It's no secret that I usually find this show's multi-story formula to be its biggest weakness (too many stories + too many characters = total viewer confusion), but this week, it worked in this episode's favor. It built up the suspense and had me glued through the entire hour. Every story was intense. Every story had real emotion. And every story advanced the plot and cleared up a lot of ambiguous elements from the first half of this season.

The promos promised that two heroes would die. The writing has been on the wall all season for Nicki, so no surprises there (although, the manner of her death was a shock -- I was so sure the virus was going to get her since Mohinder was distracted with Sylar). Nathan, on the other hand, was a shock for me. Of course, you can never be too sure that characters are actually dead on these sorts of shows, but assuming the older Petrelli bit the bullet last night (and in a very unsettling manner), you can go ahead and paint me shocked. I never liked Nathan, so no love lost on his passing, but I am a bit unnerved that the two dead heroes are two original heroes. Oh hell, I'm just glad my girl Kristen Bell survived to shock another season.

I really wish they had killed Sylar. I really HATE him! I know I'm supposed to and all, but I think I hate him more than the writers want me to (he has NO redeeming qualities). I was so hoping Elle would electrocute his evil butt. Even Adam, Mr. Let's- cleanse- humanity -with- a- horrible- infectious- virus, has redeeming qualities. Plus his motives, while totally whacko, at least make some sort of sense and he seems to be motivated by good versus Sylar's evil. A bit misguided, but still, he believes he's doing what's best for the world. Looks like he'll be spending those next 400 years six feet under, though. Let's just hope that the wait for the next new episode of Heroes is a little shorter.

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suekola44 said...

I so agree with you about Sylar. I don't even enjoy hating him! He's just pure evil!!