Sunday, December 02, 2007

Teams Count On Staying in the 'Race'

Last week, we were all spared any future "Flo-esque" moments (those who haven't seen the early seasons, have to rent them) on The Amazing Race when Lorena (a.k.a. Flo: The Sequel) and Jason landed in last place. I was beginning to like them, though, so boo to their elimination. Of course, those insipid blondes are still lingering (it was their stupidity that got poor Lorena and Jason further behind at the darn U-Turn). Please, please let this be their last leg! In the meantime, here are this week's "live" thoughts.

Ron and Christina are trying to work out how they can communicate better. I have an idea -- how about Ron keeps his trap shut long enough for Christina to get a word in! Communication is a 2-way street.

Outside-the-Airport, But-Still-Airport-Drama Alert! Ron and Christina think that they have scored the coup of the century with their arrival in Lithuania at 2:10 pm. Unfortunately for them, the rest of the teams have found one that arrives at 1:25 pm. And then there's Grandfather/Grandson who refused to reveal any information to the other teams. As we've all learned, TAR Karma is a beyotch, so their inability to speak French (and the lack of help from the other teams that they just alienated) cost them an earlier flight. Too bad they were able to rectify the situation at the airport.

The blondes seem to be self-destructing over Shana's bad decisions (she made the infamous U-Turn call last week). No worries, though, because she's the "most methodical" of the two. Riiight! Let's hope this continues and they self-destruct themselves right off this race.

WOW! When I suggested that the blondes self-destruct themselves off the race, I wasn't thinking with a BUS!!! Seriously, that was scary from my living room and I wasn't the one almost flattened. On the plus side, they're so lost!!

I see Shouldn't Be Dating Couple are up to their usual antics. This time, they're lost on the streets of Lithuania and being just as nasty to each other as ever! How are they going to find their car again??

Product Placement Alert! It seems that Lithuania is the perfect place to do a Travelocity promo since it's apparently the gnome capitol of the world or something.

It's a total toss-up on which Detour sucks more this week: the stilts or the counting. As a general rule, counting Detours are never a wise choice, but the stilts aren't doing anyone any favors, either. And adding to the chaos of both, Jen and Nathan are getting stressed. The insults are mere seconds away. Apparently, Nathan refuses to count in his head and being the prince that he is, he just called Jen a "Bitch." Told you the insults were seconds away. She has got to lose this loser!

Meanwhile, TK and Rachel just landed on the mat in first place. It seems I was wrong; the stilts did do them a favor.

Oh. My. Gosh! The blondes are in last. Please don't let this be a non-elim round... and it's NOT!! The blondes are gone! And I can't believe this, but it's totally due to their own self-destruction. They completely imploded at the counting Detour and lost the race.

Were you as happy to see the blondes go as I was? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

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suekola44 said...

Oh yes!!! I was every bit as happy! Nathan and Jen need to stick around for a while though 'cause they're such great entertainment!