Monday, December 31, 2007

Teams Lei it All on the Line

We finally got a non-elimination round last week! And it came with a new twist: the Speed Bump. This week, Kynt and Vyxsin will have to complete an extra task while still trying to stay in the race. How will it all turn out? Here are this week's "live" thoughts.

Damn! Things are looking up for Jen/Nathan! It's not that I'm rooting for their relationship to fail (OK, maybe just a little, but it's only because Nate is a jerk and Jen deserves better!), but them not getting along = excellent TV. This whole "on an upswing" thing probably won't last long anyway.

Meanwhile, Ron is busy professing that he's going to stop giving his daughter such a hard time and blah, blah, blah for the one millionth time this race! Chances are he won't, and we'll have to listen to it again next week - if they make it that far.

Jen's confused why she and Nate don't get the flights before hand like everybody else. Because I like you Jen, I'm going to give you a little tip: telephones and Internet. I'll let you piece the rest together.

Kynt and Vyxsin just pulled an airport fast one! They faked out TK and Rachel and found a flight that arrived in Mumbai more than 2 hours before them! And then, their slightly later flight arrived in Mumbai before the first flight (carrying the other teams), putting them in first! Unfortunately for them, the newsstand doesn't open until 6am, allowing everyone else to catch-up.

Yes!! "Fighting Jen and Nate" is back!! That didn't take long. They're fighting over a clue hidden in the newspaper. It's going to be a long leg for them and a funny one for us!

SPEED BUMP!!! Kynt and Vyxsin have to perform yoga before they can get to work on the Detour. Let's hope Jen and Nate's inability to find the ad placed them far enough behind to make this an interesting race.

Proving once again that a leopard really can't change its spots, Ron is back to berating his daughter. This time, it's due to too little paste. And now it's the lack of a stool. And now the poster's alignment. All of this means we'll definitely be listening to his same pre-leg routine next week (insert eye-roll smiley here).

Oh snap! Jen just gave it right back to Nate! He couldn't understand why she couldn't thread the flowers properly (being that she's a girl and all girls do is play with flowers and sew, of course) and she told him that she couldn't understand why he couldn't row since he's a guy! Being the thickheaded guy that he is, he obviously missed the point and declared that he's not used to rowing (but apparently, Jen's supposed to be used to sewing). Wow, they're really self-destructing faster than I expected. Everything was all jolly and happy when the thing started and now, it's low blows and eye rolls.

It seems Nate/Jen have competition in the dysfunctional department from Ron/Christina. I'm not sure who is worse - Ron or Nate. It's too close to call at this juncture. Ron's probably going to put a lid on it for now since he and Christina are finished with the Detour.

Wow! Jen and Nate just dodged a HUGE bullet! And Kynt and Vyxsin made a HUGE mistake! They U-Turned a team that was already ahead of them! And to celebrate, Nate/Jen are having a sweet moment. Who knew these two actually liked each other?? Not anyone who has seen them in stressful situations.

TK and Rachel just landed at the Pit Stop in first place thanks to TK's awesome job at the Roadblock.

Speaking of the Roadblock, Jen is rockin' this thing! She's surprisingly strong for being so small! Too bad she forgot to get the receipt at the first delivery point. That's OK because Kynt gave his copy of both receipts to the homeowners.

Jen's stressing because they can't find the Pit Stop and Kynt and Vyxsin are hot on their tail. This is definitely going to be a close one. Who will land at the Pit Stop first??!! And it's... Nate and Jen! Bummer because this means that Kynt and Vyxsin have both been eliminated from the race. But on a positive note, we will get at least one more chapter of As Jen & Nate's World Turns next week. Will they be up or down? Depends on the stress level.

Were you as bummed to see Kynt and Vyxsin go as I was? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

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suekola44 said...

I was definitely ready for the goths to go. They were starting to get on my nerves! They were really great about being eliminated though. Jen and Nate have to stay until the end, strictly for our entertainment purposes.