Sunday, December 09, 2007

Teams Row, Row, Row their Boats

Last week, I begged the TAR gods to make the blondes go away and I got my wish! In a thrilling counting Detour, the blondes self destructed and wound up in last place and off the Race. It was a very happy moment for me. Who will be eliminated next? I'm not sure, but I'm beginning to smell that familiar sent Eau de Non-Elimination. Here are this week's "live thoughts."

So, Jennifer is using this race to determine whether or not she and Nathan should stay together. I'm going to go ahead and start celebrating early because Nate is sooo history!

AIRPORT DRAMA ALERT! Let's play Who Was Smarter? Will it be TK and Rachel for staying in line for Czech Airline or Kynt and Vyxsin for visiting the travel agent? And more importantly, WTH has gotten into Azaria??!! He's berating his sister! Not cool. Going back to our original question, it seems that it's a draw. Both methods have the teams landing in Dubrovnik at 11:20 am. Meanwhile, Jen and Nathan got screwed at the ticket counter, but got back on the right track at the travel agent and the brother/sister team just got screwed by the travel agent who sold them business class instead of economy - a total no-no on The Amazing Race.

But wait! There's a magical TAR commercial break. And the commercial break produced... DELAYS!! TK/Rachel and the grandfather/grandson missed their connecting flight to Dubrovnik thanks to those delays. Meanwhile, the other three teams landed in Dubrovnik on time.

OK right now, I have MAJOR zip line envy! The view, the thrill, the sound of Ron chucking up his lunch!

Zip line envy moment #2 for the night. And they got to splash into the beautiful water too! Not fair!

Oh yes!!! A rowing challenge. I think we all remember how south this thing went a couple seasons back with the beauty queens and the infamous Rob and Kim. CLASSIC TAR moments. It seems so easy, and yet, no one ever gets it right, which of course leads to some hilarious in-team fighting. I'll shut up now because Jen and Nate are attempting to row and this is going to get good. The insults are starting, now the finger pointing, and we're moving right along to total team and relationship meltdown. Jen HATES! Nate and she's so done with him. Told ya he was sooo history! This dysfunctional rowing moment was brought to you by Rob and Kim.

Does anyone know where the brother/sister team is?? We haven't checked in with them in awhile.

Oh, things between Nate and Jen are getting so good now. The taxi diver refused to give them a ride because they were wet (the water-logged are always discriminated against!), but gave Christina and Ron a ride. Jen freaked and when Nate tried to calm her down, she insisted that their relationship "sucks." Acknowledging that you have a problem is the first step to recovery. Yup, he's so gone.

TK and Rachel finally made it to Dubrovnik! Wow, brother/sister must really be behind! I hope this really is a non-elim round and not just my wishful thinking.

Ron and Christina just finished in first place. Even better, Jen and Nathan landed in second, but had to go back to the Detour location because they didn't take a "legal form of transportation" to the Pit Stop. Jen is now in full-fledged meltdown mode and is declaring that she doesn't want to be here anymore. Unfortunately for her, they still landed in third.

Call off the search! Azaria and Hendekea are alive and well and finally in Dubrovnik! Now if they could just catch up with the other lagging teams...

They're within eyesight of granfather/grandson! We have ourselves a race here! Both teams are in taxis, but it's hard to tell if it's really neck and neck or just editing. We just got a "Phil Point," so someone's coming. Who will it be... grandfather/grandson, leaving Azaria and Hendekea in last place and eliminated from the race. Major bummer!

Were you as bummed to see Azaria and Hendekea go as I was? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

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suekola44 said...

I can't believe they haven't had a non-elimination round yet! They're down to what? 5 teams and still no non-e round! This is crazy!!Definitely bummed about A and H, but he really was starting to get pretty nasty with his sister. I'm more amazed at how well Ron is doing. The grandpa sure is hanging in there as well. We have to keep Nate and Jen around for entertainment purposes.