Monday, July 27, 2009

Complications in 'Sight'

Since this show began last summer, I have suspected that Marshall had feelings for Mary. I kinda dismissed it as time went on (mainly because I just chalked it up to my overactive imagination when it comes to partners on crime shows because I've seen so many of these play out -- badly), but there was no mistaking it or misinterpreting it this week! In fact, I was shocked at how deeply his feelings run for her. I started to get it when he reacted to her news about being engaged. His reaction was strange (as in, not happy) and he never seemed to recover. Then, in case we weren't 100% sure about how he felt (and I'll admit, I wasn't 100% up until this point), the show got us all on the same page when Marshall gave Mary back the ring (which, in a very funny side story had gotten stuck on his finger when he tried it on -- don't ask). He looked defeated, disappointed and like someone had just ripped out his heart and stomped all over it. It was as if giving back her ring made the engagement real and sealed their fate as nothing more than partners, and it was a reality that Marshall wasn't prepared to face. His speech to her was so touching and I noticed how he couldn't look her in the eye even when he told her that he loved her (he wanted it to come across in a friendly/partner way, but we all knew what he meant -- including Mary). I was pretty shocked. Todd Rundgren's "Torch Song" at the end pretty much summed it up: "I will carry my torch for you" and "When you break somebody's heart." Yeah, it was all spelled out this week.

Clearly, Mary was not as aware of her partner's feelings for her as some of us had been. She definitely began to piece things together at the end when Marshall made that speech. It was actually more of what he didn't say and how that danced across his face when he finished speaking. That sad, defeated, heart-broken look wasn't lost on Mary, and she seemed to have a sad look of her own. I'm not sure if Mary and Marshall should be anything other than partners. I'm not even sure that Raph is the right guy for Mary. Heck, I'm not even sure that Raph doesn't still have feelings for Brandi. I thought that chapter was closed, but the two seemed very cozy in that awkward way this week. Something tells me that Mary and Raph won't be walking down the aisle anytime soon. And that suites me just fine. Now, how Mary and Marshall proceed from here should be very interesting. She isn't one to learn information of this caliber and move on, so I think it's going to have a big effect on her -- probably bigger than she thinks. Things just got even more interesting at WITSEC!

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John said...

Both the Brandi/Raph and the Mary/ Marshall situations became more confused, or clearer depending on the context, this week. Like you I wasn’t certain what Marshall’s feelings for Mary really were. His feelings are certainly in plain sight now. The Brandi/Raph/Mary triangle could become very ugly.

This week’s case seemed to make no sense. How long was Ahn in ABQ? How long has Helen known that? Ahn was there long enough to use the murder victim’s printing equipment to make fake bills and Helen knew that and tried to get her not to tell the police. Was it a coincidence that Helen became friends with a woman who had access to the high end printing equipment that Ahn used for counterfeiting?

What was Ahn after by planting all the bread crumbs to help the bad guys to find Helen?

How did Ahn find Helen? Did Helen contact her?

Helen and Ahn don’t seem particularly upset that their actions got an innocent woman murdered. Neither does anyone else for that matter.

The personal life of Mary was interestingly explored, but the case was a mess.

TVFan said...

Yeah, I wasn't much into the case this week. It was difficult to follow as you said. My thought about the bread crumbs was that Ahn was trying to set a trap for those guys so she could arrest them and then she and Helen could live happily ever after. Not sure, though.