Friday, July 03, 2009

On Your Mark, Get Set, COUNTDOWN!

As TV seasons go, this past one wasn't one for the record books. While we celebrated the return of a full season, some of our faves let us down. Happily, some that weren't faves rose to the occasion and became new faves by the end of the season. Strange as it may have been, the '08-'09 season is wrapped and in the books, but this means that PTR's popular Best Episodes of the Season summer-long countdown is just beginning. Senior Staff Writer LillyKat and I have come up with another great list. Before we get to that, though, we have to go over the rules for the countdown. We ended up with 33 incredible episodes that demonstrate the diversity and quality of the current television state. The shows and their episodes are from both NETWORK and CABLE television. All episodes aired between June 2008 and June 2009. Each episode that made the final list moved us in some way; either by making us laugh out loud, cry our eyes out or just left us with that "wow" feeling that stays with you for a few days. So basically, it's completely subjective! Since this is a summer-long countdown to the number 1 episode, we will reveal a few each week all summer. So, be sure to tune in every Friday to find out which episodes are on the countdown! Today, we're going to take a look at numbers 33-31.

33: "Friends with Benefits" - My Name is Earl
What happens when a huge misunderstanding finds Randy in bed with another man? HILARITY! Earl goes in search of Joy and Darnell to give them back Mr. Turtle and leaves Randy by himself. This gets Randy feeling a little lonely, but he mistakes another man's interest as brotherly instead of romantic. Meanwhile, Earl discovers that Joy is preoccupied with trying to fit in with her new upscale neighbors. This was one of those episodes where both story lines had me rolling! Pure hysterics between watching Randy trying to replace Earl and Joy trying to fit in with the posh crowd. I know it seems like common sense, but shouldn't a comedy be funny? This episode certainly made for a lot of laughs. Written by Jessica Goldstein and Chrissy Pietrosh and directed by Allison Liddi-Brown.

32: "Gus Walks into a Bank" - Psych
So, Gus walks into a bank. He wanted Shawn to go with him, but he chose to wait in the car because he's pissed at the bank for denying him a small business loan for a zip line that delivers food from the kitchen to the living room. While Gus is in the bank, a gunman holds everyone hostage and things begin to spiral out of control. Of course, Shawn finds himself right in the middle of it. What I didn't expect was to see Shawn running the negotiation for the bank robber. Nor did I expect to see him sparring with someone more obnoxious than Lassie! Once inside the bank, Shawn was able to ascertain the robber's motive, mess with SWAT team and tease Jules. Funny lines aside, he got himself back out of the bank, saved the robber's wife and figured out who had been holding her hostage to arrange the heist in order to secure a client's rare diamonds. But, it was just another day in the life of Shawn Spencer: Fake Psychic Detective. Written by Andy Berman and directed by Eric Laneuville.

31: "Chuck Versus the Colonel" - Chuck
Chuck and Sarah go AWOL in order to save Chuck's dad from the evil Chevy Chase. And while they're roadtripping, a few feelings find their way to the surface. Sarah, in a moment of complete vulnerability, allows herself to get caught up in her feelings and winds up making out with Chuck in their shared hotel room. And if that wasn't enough excitement, Chuck and his dad stop the evil Chevy Chase from carrying out his new and improved Intersect plan. Oh yeah, and there's that little matter of Chuck finally ridding himself of the Intersect. Normal life from here on out, right? Well, it seems, once a spy, always a spy especially when the enemy has not been neutralized and a huge wedding is waiting in the wings. This one had action, adventure, romance and fun. What more can you ask for? Written by Matt Miller and directed by Peter Lauer

So, there's a look at the first set of episodes on the countdown. What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Leave us a comment with your thoughts. And be sure to tune in next Friday for #30-28 on the list.


RichE said...

I disagree.


Kathryn Morris UK

John said...

The only one of those that I saw was the Psych episode and it was very good.

Looking forward to the rest of your picks.

Squint said...

Totally agree. I love countdowns like this. I will be reading for the rest of the summer, that's for sure!

Scooter McGavin said...

Not only would I have Chuck vs the Coloniel higher I would argue it was the best hour on television last season.

velveetahead said...

My favorite part of the Psych episode was Shawn was genuinely concerned about Gus's safety. He wasn't just joking around at the beginning but frightened for his friend inside before he got a handle on things and did his thing.