Tuesday, July 14, 2009

'Plain' Old Family Problems

Years of television viewing have taught me to predict certain story elements with the greatest of ease. For example, it was no surprise that Olivia stood up in the middle of the courtroom and moved to her father's side after realizing that her "Romeo" was still loyal to his father. Ergo, it was also no surprise that Jesus's fuzzy memory about his former boss's "business dealings" suddenly became crystal clear. Nor was it much of a surprise that Olivia was in love with the son of her father's enemy (after all, we've all read Shakespeare). A certain level of predictability is good -- it allows us to feel smart when we figure out something before the characters and/or our fellow viewing partners do. Along these same lines, I've also come to expect that characters with "daddy issues" aren't very fond of commitment and are unlikely to ever be truly happy or permanently attached in their personal lives. Both of these truths were blown to smithereens this week! Raph proposed to Mary (sort of) and she said yes!!!??? And it wasn't some strange dream sequence! Even as it was happening, I kept thinking, "No way!" It turns out, yes way. Like Raph, I assumed that commitment issues brought on by daddy/abandonment issues were at the root of Mary's very clear, adamant dismissal of his first proposal. It seems it was all about the timing (sort of).

What came across to Mary as a desperate, last-gasp effort before being called up to the Majors was actually 6 months in the making. Raph had the ring for six months! He just chose the wrong time to pop the question. This led to, as Mary put it, a "communication issue." This time, both were sure to lay it all on the table before proceeding. I'm proud of Mary. She realized her mistake and what it was costing her and she rectified it. Of course, I have little doubt that seeing Olivia and her father contributed to this new-found clarity. She saw what their differences were costing them and how putting them aside allowed them to share the greatest gift: love. She seemed determined not to let her hurt over her father's decision to leave the family (SIDE BAR: I still believe that he entered WITSEC and wanted to spare the family the burden of entering with him, but we'll see) ruin her chance to be with the person that she loves. Growth and character development are beautiful things. Characters welcome, indeed.

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John said...

In this episode I think Mary made all the right personal moves and Raph was in error.

It was a HUGE mistake for him to spring his mother and "engagement" party on Mary. There is no good excuse for it.

Mary was right to reject the fake proposal dinner and call Raph on it.

I was surprised with Mary accepting the new semi-proposal. I expected TPTB to drag it out longer, if it ever happened.

Does Raph know what she does?

RE: Mary's father. I agree he is probably in WitSec, but even if you enter that you can let your family know that is what you are doing. They don't know where you are, but you don't just disappear without a word.

TVFan said...

I agree that Raph was totally in the wrong for letting his mother believe that he and Mary were engaged. I also agree that Mary made the right call by telling her the truth. It would have been wrong to sit there knowing what that dinner meant and not saying anything.

With the WITSEC thing, I wondered why her father wouldn't tell them too, but I've often wondered if he told Jinx and she hasn't shared the info with her daughters (for whatever reason -- this is Jinx). I don't know. I guess we'll have to see how it plays out (if it plays out).