Thursday, July 09, 2009

'Grace' Gets Two Angels - One Good, One Bad

Season 3 of 'Saving Grace' Airs on TNTBy LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

Okay, Saving Grace.

You seem to be doing NOTHING wrong for me at the moment (as I outlined last week).

And now, you really have me tapping into some seriously fantastic Touched By An Angel memories with Grace being fought over by "good" angel Earl and "bad" (or, perhaps we should say "alternative") angel Matthew.


File this under:

I know the SG folks like to remind us they are anything but TBAA. And we know they're not. It only takes an episode or two with wild-child Grace doing something absurd to remind us of this fact. Plus, Earl is ... well, not Monica by any stretch of the imagination.

But, seeing as TBAA eps are ridiculously fresh in my mind right now (given a) Hallmark Channel is doing me a favor airing four eps a day; and, b) Roma Downey is best.interview.ever), I could not help but watch this week's ep of Saving Grace and remember when Roma's Monica had to fight off evil temptations taking over her assignments either via b) early-season bad girl angel, Kathleen, or, b) her own evil twin, Monique. Earl now seems to be having to do almost the exact same thing opposite cryptic Matthew.

As in, keep your dang hands of my Grace. kthanxbye.

I think what is perhaps the BEST news about the fight over Grace is that Grace herself is not only willing to accept the fact it IS happening (which, again, shows huge progress on her part given she fought Earl and his existence for most of the first two seasons), she is also remaining fiercely loyal to Earl (even if she doesn't fully understand why two angels would be fighting over her in the first place).

Now, it is true she might have been momentarily tempted by Matthew's I'll-solve-all-your-cases-for-you option. But when she questions Earl about what he does or does not do for her, he talks about choices always being hers to make - not his. This, in turn, reminded me of one of the main recurring themes of TBAA: angels don't interfere with human free will. And that, it seems, is what Grace is exercising in a far more mature and educated way these days - and she does so alongside Earl, not against him.

Go, Grace, go.

In other news ... what is the deal with Ham and birds? Wow. Maybe want to take something for that, eh Hamilton?

New episodes of Saving Grace air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TNT. You can watch full episodes of the show anytime over on the show’s official Web site. You can also visit to share your stories of how you embrace your inner-Grace.

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John said...

I enjoyed the episode, but wasn’t really surprised by Grace’s choosing Earl rather than Mathew – And I don’t mean because Earl is a series star and Mathew isn’t. Grace is wild (not as out of control as earlier, but still not sedate), but she has never shown an inclination to wanting things handed to her or shown any interest in taking bribes – not even angelic ones.

I did like her “wish” list.

Also, I can see why Mathew has had a 4,000 year dry spell and lost 1,000,000 souls. He has absolutely no ability to understand people.

I think Ham’s bird phobia was mentioned before.

I don’t like practical jokes in any form, but Ham’s “joke” on Rhetta was in very bad taste. He wasn’t hoping to win the lottery for a trip to Maui or a new pick up – she and her family are losing their home/farm and are in real financial trouble. I hope Ham sees birds for eons.

The case was really not important to the episode.